Health, Wellness & Nutraceuticals

who has a healthy regard for your wellness*? we do.

We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and focus on advancing the competitiveness of our customers.

always solving™ for health and wellness
The drive to find ingenious solutions is in every Ashland employee’s DNA. No one knows more or cares more about how to transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity and profitability of customers’ nutraceutical products and applications. We call this the Ashland 5 Effects™. 

we make ordinary extraordinary
We pride ourselves on bringing our customers a broad range of specialty solutions to some everyday health, wellness and nutraceutical products. Whether you are looking to reduce dusting, meet a label content claim, or reduce your tablet size, chances are we have a solution for your product. Our capabilities include custom blending, micronizing, granulating and standardizing. We can work our magic on almost any ingredient to meet your exacting specifications.

who has "knock-out" products for sports nutrition? we do. 
Ashland introduced innovative “knock-out” ingredients for the self-directed, sports-minded consumer. Our ingredients can help you score a winning formula for muscle recovery, joint comfort, weight management or a healthy gut. Need to punch above your weight class?  We even have a clinically backed ingredient for consumers who want to control carbs or are on a keto diet. 


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  • nutraceutical product solutions

    wellness and nutraceuticals all around

    Self-directed consumers look for ways to incorporate health into all aspects of their lives. They are sitting less and walking more. They are looking for sugar reduction and more fermented products, probiotics, and fruit extracts. They are thinking about their food in a broader way. Some are concerned about the environment and are reducing consumption of animal proteins and selecting botanical extracts including aloe vera. They are concerned about the source of their food and the quality of life of the farmers who grow it. The solvers at Ashland have a variety of product options that can help you meet the needs of today’s health conscious consumers.

    our latest solutions

    end benefits
    We have a wide variety of solutions, products and ingredients for each of the health and wellness benefits listed below. 

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    handw blood sugar health wo.jpg

    handw cardio health wo.jpg

    handw digestive tract health w.jpg

    handw energy wo.jpg

    HW22 eye health with arrow.jpg

    handw joint bone health w.jpg

    handw urinary tract health w.jpg

    handw weight management w.jpg

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    functional ingredients
    We have a wide variety of solutions for improving the functionality of health and wellness ingredients.

    proprietary ingredients
    What’s in a name? Immediate recognition, reassurance of quality, consumer acceptance. We have an award-winning lineup of exceptional health and nutrition brands with names that are standouts in the industry. Our branded ingredients offer solutions for weight management, heart health, joint care and more.

    Each of our branded ingredients has achieved trust and recognition for its purity, ingenuity and effectiveness. We own exclusive distribution and marketing rights to the products listed below.


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  • custom formulations

    custom workout

    New products are the lifeblood of a business. But developing new products takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Let our team of solvers help you with your next new product project from start to finish. We bend over backwards so you don’t have to.

    concept development

    Whether you have a clear roadmap or a fuzzy thought written down on a paper napkin, we can help you build a more robust concept. We’ll bring you insights from experts who have been in the industry and know the marketplace. From the start of a project, we partner with you to create a solution precisely tailored to meet your needs.

    prototyping and pilot trials

    Want to bring your concept to life? Our manufacturing facilities are flexible enough to produce small batches for you to use for evaluating prototypes. Need to test and refine? No problem. We’re used to the pursuit of perfection. We are committed to helping our customers get it right.

    commercial-scale production

    We’ll see you through to the end and then some. With multiple plant locations, chances are we have the right facility to match your needs to our capabilities. We have a wide range of processing equipment and scale-up capacities. Do you need drum to hopper for your product? We’ve got that, too. Our business was built with long-term customer partnerships in mind. 





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  • particle engineering

    the art of particle science

    Particle engineering is both art and science, it’s not enough to have a piece of equipment, you have to have the know-how to run it. Our custom approach yields top quality products for our customers.

    Our team of superior solving food scientists can analyze your product and manipulate its particles to improve performance. We can even change the composition to enhance the solubility, taste and sensory characteristics and deliver a better product.

    From trial batches to full scale and in any volume, our capabilities extend to drying, milling, micronizing, sizing, blending, coating, instantizing and more for a wide range of product formulations. Few can offer this same breadth of technical capabilities and particle science. So ask us about particle engineering, because we have big ideas about little particles.

    • specialty granulation bulk ingredient manufacturing
    • fluid bed or high-shear granulation
    • compounding and processing drum-to-hopper ingredients
      for various dosage forms
    • customized direct compression blends
    • microencapsulated bulk ingredients with specific release characteristics
    • powders for smaller dosage forms
    • drying, milling, sizing, blending, coating and instantizing
    • taste masking and flavor development
    • roller compaction
    • micronization
    • particle separation

    see a list of our certifications


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  • contract manufacturing

    who knows their way around a particle? we do.

    Blending. Agglomerating. Spray drying. Chilsonating. Instantizing. Granulating, and more. Pharmachem, a division of Ashland, has a breadth of processing and formulation capabilities to solve your toughest product development challenges. With more than 35 years of expertise, we also offer:

    • custom formulation
    • DTH (drum-to-hopper)
    • packaging of custom food and beverage powders
    • premix and fortification
    • custom processing of USP and value-added vitamins and minerals
    • raw material sourcing

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    We support new process development & optimization of ingredients from bench top through commercialization. Whether you are looking to develop a new powder product, or perfect your current one, we have the contract manufacturing capabilities to offer a unique one-stop shop for processing turnkey formulations.


    We have finished packaging solutions for powdered product. From standard lidded jars to flexible pouches and innovative stick packs, we have a variety of packaging solutions.

    packaging options:

    • stick packs
    • jars with scoops
    • flexible packaging
    • direct to mouth powder systems
    • food and drink powders
    • rigid canisters
    • sachets

    quality and certifications

    We set our standards high and so do you. That’s why quality and safety are important to us. From ingredient qualification to running on a manufacturing line, we are focused on providing you the quality assurance and certifications you need.

    Here is a partial list of certifications available for many of our products.*

    • certified organic
    • NSF
    • NSF Sport
    • cGMP certification
    • kosher and halal certifications are available
    • GFSI available

    *Not all products meet all certifications. Please talk to your Ashland sales representative for more information.

    exceptional service

    Ashland is an all-in-one resource providing everything from comprehensive research and development to specialty ingredients, manufacturing, processing and production services. These integrated capabilities enable us to work with together to fulfill customer needs from bench top to scale-up. Our collaborative approach helps us meet your needs whether it’s by developing a custom formulation, enhancing a product’s performance or creating the desired flavor profile.


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