food and beverage

who has stabilizer solutions? we do.

Our food ingredient solutions add texture, increase moisture, and improve mouthfeel in major food applications. We combine our applications knowledge, market insight, and distinctive product portfolio to create value for you and enjoyable foods for your customers. Whether your challenge is improving the texture and stability of alternative protein products, reducing oil uptake while retaining crunch in fried foods, improving the mouthfeel of hot and cold beverages, or extending the shelf life of baked goods, Ashland can help. Ashland even finds solutions that please our four-legged family members by making pet food delicious. We look forward to working with you and cooking up some solutions together.

We're making improvements around all your needs:

  • texture and stability in alternative protein applications
  • stability and moisture in gluten-free bread
  • mouthfeel in hot and cold beverages
  • reduced oil uptake in fried foods
  • stabilization of filling in convenience foods
  • moisture and shelf life in bakery products
  • stability of non-dairy whipped toppings
  • economical protein stabilization in acidified dairy drinks

check out our newest product, benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose for alt meat applications  

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beer and wine

Clear is best and Ashland has a solution to keep your blends and brews clear and stable.

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Ashland scientists continue to test and taste, to refine solutions to create tasty thirst-quenching beverages.

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At Ashland our teams separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of solutions - sorting, testing and trying new, better solutions.

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Our solvers deliver rich, full-bodied ice cream or manage the acids in milk drinks to improve shelf life.

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We have grades of modified cellulose and cellulose gum which provide binding, moisture retention and texture for a range of meat applications.

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prepared foods

Ashland also has the history of delivering solutions for improving the taste and texture and 'mixability' of dry mixes.

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sauces and syrups

Ashland offers options to make your sauces as visually appealing as they are tasty - and it's not a secret.

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whipped toppings and desserts

Ashland teams are at the ready to provide solutions to keep the whipped topping - where it should be - on top.

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pet food

Although the Ashland team is on two legs instead of four, they are dedicated to find solutions for pets and people alike.

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alternative meat and seafood

Benecel™ MX and Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose are specially formulated for meat alternative, seafood alternative, and plant-based applications.

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alternative dairy

Ashland has a variety of solutions suitable for plant-based dairy applications that provide a range of textures from very firm, to semi-firm, to soft, and anywhere in between.

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