adding to the allure of our customer's products

Here are just a few examples of our solutions that add allure.

hair care

FiberHance™ bm solution is a molecule designed to penetrate the hair fiber and provide superior strengthening in shampoos and other hair care products that can increase profitability by using cost-effective technology. This functional ingredient is based on glucoside chemistry that strengthens the hair wash after wash, penetrating the natural fibres allowing the hair to be more manageable and alluring. The solution, developed by Ashland, is compatible with color treatment systems to strengthen hair during and after coloring, and to repair hair fibers that have been damaged by chemical treatments. It helps to strengthen all hair types, including Caucasian, Asian and African American.

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skin care

Ashland’s Optimage™ SF microgel gives a rapid and significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles enhancing skin’s natural allure.

The product’s soft, flexible, silicone-free microgels do not interfere with other ingredients in a formulation and typically enhance its stability. Optimage™ offers formulators increased usability in a robust solution, using polymeric 2 microgels and a technology that works well across skin types, with demonstrated efficacy both on Asian and Caucasian skin.

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