responsible solvers program

Ashland’s Responsible Solvers™ program combines two critical facets of Ashland’s long-term strategy — an investment in problem-solving that drives business focused solutions and a commitment to putting the power of Ashland’s capabilities to work for communities where we live, work and play. It’s a program grounded in our commitment to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), supported by our business plans to deliver consumer-driven innovations that address the needs of people and planet, and, we believe, a competitive advantage in our delivery of sustainable, profitable growth. 

elevating communities through sustainable farming and STEM education

These programs, many of which are customized to the specific needs of local communities, put the power of our people and our products in the hands of our communities, often in the form of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based initiatives. By highlighting both the interconnected nature of these disciplines and the interconnected interests of companies, communities, governments and NGOs, Ashland hopes to attract a new generation of problem solvers to the company, students and future experts aligned with the company’s purpose to responsibly solve for a better world.  

making an impact and preparing the next generation of critical thinkers through STEM

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Under our Responsible Solvers™ program, initiatives range from supplier led transformations of growing processes, like those associated with our sustainable GUAR efforts to a multi-year conservation commitment with The Nature Conservancy to help plant a billion trees. And from inspiring young people and bringing greater equity to environmental education by supporting The Nature Conservancy’s  Youth Engagement Nature Lab to company and school partnerships that bring our scientists into classrooms and students into Ashland facilities around the world. Each Ashland site has a Regional STEM plan managed by a local team, comprised of employees and management, to better understand the critical needs of their community and the specific ways Ashland can help. In every case, Ashland solvers are questioning, engaging, seeking, discussing, teaching and learning from those around them about the complex challenges facing our world, the needs of our partners and communities and the ways in which Ashland can share knowledge, insight and resources in support of a rapidly changing world.

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