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Did you know Ashland is a leading supplier of commercial technologies that solve some of the most complex formulation challenges in laundry, dishwashing and hard surface cleaning applications? These technologies address an ongoing need to improve soil removal from various substrates and hold it in suspension, as well as emerging needs such as lending protective properties to clothes, surfaces and dishes. Ashland’s recent formulation solutions include:

new products:

solutions in laundry care

  • improved product sustainability profiles with efficient cold-water cleaning
  • improved color protection of clothes during cleaning
  • anti-redeposition of soil for better cleaning
  • encapsulation of ingredients in formulation such as fragrances and actives
  • rheology modification of liquid laundry care products for improved consumer experience

solutions in dishwashing

  • superior auto dish cleaning performance without phosphates
  • improved mineral scale prevention to reduce spotting
  • more effective disintegration of tablets and solids
  • encapsulation of ingredients for actives delivery or visual cues
  • reduced surfactant level resulting milder and affordable hand dish wash solutions
  • improved foam and cleansing properties
  • rheology modifiers for dish care

solutions in hard surface cleaning

  • improved wetting on ceramic, wood, steel and glass surfaces
  • soil release technologies to prevent permanent soiling on surfaces
  • comprehensive rheology modifier portfolio for a wide range of formulations
  • improved foam and rheology

solutions in hand sanitizers

  • thickening at low pH
  • stable viscosity in presence of electrolytes
  • broad ingredient compatibility due to non-ionic nature
  • creamy, dense, stable foam
  • enhanced sensory


Home, industrial and institutional products are listed below, use the filters to find the products that meet your specific needs.

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Antara™ (Polectron) 430 polymer is a highly effective opacifier. Antara™ (Polectron) 430 polymer is a white, thermoplastic, 38-41 percent solids, latex produced as a graft, emulsion copolymer of 30 percent polyvinylpyrrolidone and 70 percent styrene. With a glass transition temperature of approximately 100°C, it forms transparent, thermoplastic films that readily adhere to glass, plastics and metals. Antara (Polectron) 430 polymer is thermally an...

antara™ 430 polymer

BLO butyrolactone solvent, also known as gamma-Butyrolactone, is a polar solvent for ionic substrates and functions as an acid donor in aqueous media at elevated temperatures. Although blo solvent is stable under a wide range of conditions, at elevated temperatures and in the presence of appropriate reagents, it serves as an intermediate in a variety of useful syntheses such as: Precursor to 2-pyrrolidone and the extensive family of alkyl pyrrol...

blo™ gamma butyrolactone

Chromabond™ S-100 polymer is a premium dye-transfer inhibiton polymer. It inhibits dye transfer from one garment to another during the laundry process. Chromabond S-100 polymer is a vinyl pyridine-based polymer that contains betaine functionality that is compatible with anionic detergent ingredients. The polymer demonstrates superior complexing of fugitive dyes at cost-effective levels.

chromabond™ s-100 polymer

The disintex™ disintegrants series – disintex™ 75 and 200 disintegrants – provide tablet disintegration.  Disintex™ disintegrants rapidly absorb water on contact to swell and create internal stress points that will break up tablets. home care features and benefits swells with high hydrostatic pressure for rapid tablet break-up provides rapid dispersion of tablets with low residues after rinsing offers low table...

disintex™ disintegrants

Easy-Sperse™ polymers are effective dispersants of hydrophobic actives. Easy-Sperse™ polymer is based on a copolymer of the monobutyl/ethyl ester of poly (methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid) partially neutralized with sodium hydroxide. The material is an excellent film-former and is supplied as a 25 percent aqueous solution. Easy-Sperse™ P-20 polymer is a proprietary polymer blend spray-dried, optimized composite polyvinyl pyrrolido...

easysperse™ polymers

Easy-Wet™ 20 wetting agent is a proprietary super-wetting agent based on N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone in a convenient-to-use liquid form. Easy-Wet 20 wetting agent is a cost-effective, premium wetter/surfactant suitable for household, industrial and institutional cleaning, textiles, pigments, agricultural and other industrial applications where superior wetting and spreading performance is required.

easy-wet™ 20 wetting agent

Microbeads™ encapsulates are produced with JetCutter Technology, using rotating cutting wires to create hydrogel beads from a continuous jet of viscous fluid. The resulting droplets are transformed into solidified beads through immersion in a bath of hardening solution. This produces a uniform bead matrix that can contain high levels of encapsulated material. Naturally-derived materials such as chitosan, alginate and carrageenan can be used...

microbeads™ encapsulates

Microcapsules™ encapsulates are produced via complex coacervation, using naturally-derived gelatin and acacia (gum arabic) as the principal wall materials – from 15μm to 2,000 μm in diameter. Visible microcapsules™encapsulates have a minimum diameter of 500 μm and can be used in otherwise clear or homogeneously opaque carriers to provide a striking visual impact, while delivering actives or other ingredients with benefi...

microcapsules™ encapsulates

Jaypol™ at4 polymer acts as thickeners of aqueous systems. Jaypol™ at4 polymer is recommended for alkaline pH applications.  The polymer form aggregate networks that structure water, effectively modifying its appearance and flow. Raising viscosity with jaypol™ polymer will help improve a formulation’s aesthetics, stabilize emulsions and dispersion, or improve product handling. home care features and benefits thickens...

jaypol™ at4 polymer

M-pyrol solvent is an excellent polymer solvent, paint and photoresist stripper, paint coalescent, industrial cleaner, and extraction solvent. Its N-Methyl 2 pyrrolidone structure is extremely resistant to hydrolysis from pH 2-10, even at elevated temperatures.

m-pyrol™ solvent

Sorez™ hs-205 polymer delivers benefits to hard surface cleaners. Sorez hs-205 polymers forms a water-soluble film on most surfaces that reduces the ability of soil to stick enabling easier cleaning. It’s film forming characteristic hydrophilizes surfaces making it easier for detergents to wet and spread. In addition, the polymer film helps enhance the appearance of freshly cleaned surfaces.

sorez™ hs-205 polymer

Captivates™ a encapsulates are made using a unique fragrance encapsulation process that delivers unsurpassed performance in many home care applications. Alternative fragrance encapsulation processes often use melamine/formaldehyde or urea chemistry which possess a number of environmental and health hazards. The captivates A encapsulation process does not use formaldehyde and urea. Captivates A uses an innovative encapsulation chemistry...

captivates™ a fragrance encapsulates

Sorez™ 100 polymer is a modified polyester copolymer that forms a thin film on fabric imparting soil release and anti-soil redeposition.

sorez™-100 polymer

Rapifloc™ n-10008 polymer can be used an effective thickening agent for acidic media, generally in acidic household or industrial cleaners. It provides stable thickening in systems at low pH (1-2), and is effective with phosphoric acid, sulphamic acid, and in general acidic systems. This product should be prediluted with water before the addition of the acid/s. The desired thickening efficiency is determined by the concentration of the solution p...

rapifloc™ n-10008 polymer

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is a hygroscopic, amorphous polymer supplied as a white, free-flowing powder or a clear aqueous solution. Available in several molecular weight grades, they are characterized by K-value, and used in a great variety of applications. Polyvinylpyrrolidone can be plasticized with water and most common organic plasticizers. It is considered to be physiologically inert:  Applications take advantage of one or more properties i...

pvp k series

Stabileze™ qm polymer, a poly(methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride decadiene) crosspolymer, is a pseudoplastic rheology modifier that yields clear, aqueous gels that are shear thinning. The resulting gels have good shear and temperature stability.

stabileze™ qm polymer

Benecel™ methylcellulose (MC) and its derivatives are made by reacting alkali-cellulose with methyl chloride (resulting in methylcellulose, MC) or propylene oxide (resulting in hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, HPMC) under rigidly controlled conditions. home care features and benefits: boosts foam in dilutable surfactant systems enhances foam and foam stability of formulation increases formulation rheology of detergent concentrates with a visc...

benecel™ methylcellulose and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose

Aqualon™ and blanose™ CMC are anionic, water-soluble polymers. CMC is made by reacting alkali cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate under rigidly controlled conditions. The resultant polymer is purified and dried.  Purified cmc for personal care and cosmetic applications is typically sold at 99.5 percent minimum purity.  Physical and solution properties of cmc can be varied through manipulation of degree of substitution (D...

aqualon™ and blanose™ carboxymethylcellulose (CMC)

Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether with a remarkable combination of properties. It combines organic solvent solubility, thermoplasticity and surface activity with the aqueous thickening and stabilizing properties characteristic of other water-soluble cellulose polymers available from Ashland. Klucel™ HPC films are flexible without plasticizers and non-tacky at high humidity.

klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose

nature-derived, efficient thickening Nature-derived from sustainably sourced cellulose, natrosol™ hec products are water-soluble, non-ionic polymers that can be used in a variety of personal and home care applications. These efficient thickeners perform across a wide pH range and demonstrate high salt tolerance and broad surfactant compatibility, enabling clear formulations. The wood pulp used in our cellulose products is sourced from ...

natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose

With multiple encapsulation technology capabilities, Ashland develops custom encapsulates tailored to meet the needs of your formulation. captivates™ hc encapsulates Captivates™ hc encapsulates are a series of small particles, in sizes ranging from 250 µm to 3,000 µm, that contain an active ingredient, or core material, surrounded by a shell produced using a complex coacervation process.  Capsule wall thickn...

captivates™ encapsulates

Stablefizz™ effervescent base gives you all the fizz without the fuss. Now you can delight consumer with effervescent tablets and powders for dishwashing and laundry without special climate conditions and special packaging

stablefizz™ effervescent base

Surfaguardtm VA-6 is a non-ionic VP copolymer that enables long lasting disinfection or sanitization with suitable active biocides. 

surfaguard ™ va-6 polymer

Surfaguardtm AL-9 is a non-ionic modified VP copolymer that enables long lasting disinfection or sanitization with suitable active biocides. 

surfaguard ™ al-9 polymer

Ecothix™ polymer is a novel polysaccharide system for softness and suspension. It functions as a softening booster and suspension aid for fragrance encapsulates, that provide long lasting fragrance for fabrics. Ecothix™ is optimal for low quat containing formulations. It has a natural origin content of more than 70% according to the ISO 16128 2:2017 standards and contains more than 80% of components that are either readily or primary, inherently ...

ecothix™ polymer

Gantrez polymers are water-soluble, giving clear and tacky films.

gantrez™ s-95 polymer, 35% solution

Gantrez™ s polymers have repeating diacid units produced by hydrolysis of an alternating methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride parent copolymer. Available as either a viscous solution or powder, these free acid polymers are water soluble and dry to yield a clear, tacky film. The vicinal dicarboxylic acid functionality makes these polymers useful in a number of applications where dispersing and chelating properties are desirable. Gantrez™ s polymers...

gantrez™ s-97 hsu solution polymer


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