functional nutritional solutions

Consumers are looking for more ways to incorporate health and wellness into their daily routines.  At Ashland, we stay on top of the trends in the nutritional supplement space to understand the ever changing needs of our customers and consumers.  Our solutions provide benefits like new delivery systems, portability and efficacy as well as focused health support.  Some examples are finding delivery systems that go beyond tablets and capsules such as stick packs, beverages and gummies.  Consumers want their supplements to bring optimum benefits.  Building on our knowledge in pharmaceuticals melded with our processing capabilities we create products with better functionality such as extended release,  increased stability and differentiated sensory properties.

In the area of focused health support, name recognition is key in building trust.  Ashland’s branded supplement ingredients offer solutions for weight management, heart health, joint care and more.  Our branded ingredients garner immediate recognition in the marketplace having achieved trust for purity, and effectiveness.  We invite you to further explore how our functional nutrition solutions help build a healthy future for consumers, customers and for Ashland.