polysaccharides [nature-derived ingredients]

Nature derived polymers have always been a cornerstone of the product offerings at Ashland. The wood pulp and cotton linter raw materials used to make these polymers are sourced from reliable and stable suppliers who have received the highest levels of third party certification. These sustainable materials are skillfully derivatized into functional polymers useful in an array of commercial and industrial applications. Many of these ingredients have proved to be biodegradable per OECD testing guidelines imparting reduced impact to the environmental.

In hair and skin care applications, Ashland’s polysaccharide based materials provide best-in-class performance as water soluble thickeners, foam enhancers, foam stabilizers, water-binders, and film formers. Formulation of safe, effective, and robust oral solid controlled-release dosage forms for active pharmaceutical ingredients is also achieved. For architectural and industrial coatings applications, these products provide an array of aqueous and organic solvent capability leading to superior rheology control, stability, sag resistance, and leveling.

With the growing popularity of plant based foods and meat alternatives, Ashland has developed innovations in hydrocolloid chemistry which can lower gelling temperature, improve moisture retention and binding in these non-meat products.

Examples of the diverse catalog of renewable carbon derived ingredients that are available at Ashland are presented below.

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polysaccharides and polysaccharide derivatives (product examples)