bioresorbable polymers

 Ashland has made a major capacity investment for bioresorbable polymers.

A scalable technology platform with multiple applications, bioresorbable polymers serve as a vital component to long-acting injectables and provide a controlled release matrix to address chronic disease, patient compliance, and animal health. 
For advanced drug delivery, bioresorbable polymers serve as a carrier that improves the delivery of mRNA to cells, and when it comes to medical devices and regenerative medicine, bioresorbable polymers function as degradable devices and fillers for a wider range of dermal fillers, sutures, screws vital to surgical procedures in every market of the world. 


  • long-acting injectables for chronic, disease, patient compliance, and animal health
  • advanced drug delivery for improved mRNA delivery
  • medical devices and regenerative medicine for dermal fillers, sutures and screws

key advantages:

  • reduced dosing frequency
  • tunable and targeted
  • controlled, sustained drug release and local delivery
  • improved patient compliance and treatment outcomes

bioresorbable slide 1.jpg

The platform can best be seen by visiting Ashland’s newly launched viatel™ ultrapure bioresorbable polymers

  • ultra-high purity
  • long-lasting injectable (longer sustained release)
  • superior drug stability
  • clear

 product derived from this innovation platform: