Whipped toppings and desserts

Dabs, dollops and desserts

Who doesn't love dessert - especially when it's topped with a dollop (big, little or in between) of whipped topping!  Both dairy and non-diary whipped toppings deliver visual appeal and, more importantly taste!  Ashland teams are at the ready to provide solutions to keep the whipped topping  - where it should be - on top. The Ashland team solves the big issues - how to reduce the fat, while maintaining the flavor and texture so everyone can enjoy their just desserts.

Dairy or non-dairy whipped toppings are popular for both flavor and aesthetic qualities. Ashland’s AeroWhip™ modified cellulose and Benecel™ modified cellulose are used as whipping aids to create stiff foams, increase overrun and control syneresis. Formulators are able to reduce fat content by up to 20% and still have outstanding foam stability.

And let’s not forget the toppings. Toppings, like sauces, require good texture, taste and stability. Ashland’s food-gum technologies deliver high-performance thickening and stabilization. We offer a range of solutions from cellulose gums to  modified cellulose that effectively control and reduce syneresis to improve product appeal.



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Who whips up great solutions? We do. At Ashland, we know that creating high performance whipped topping requires the right combination of ingredients and formulation expertise.  That’s why we’re always solving – to make sure that you have the right ingredients to help solve your formulation objectives.  Our products are suitable for a variety of baking applications, from fillings to coverings to decorations and for for...

Aerowhip™ modified cellulose

Blanose™ cellulose gum, or sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), from Ashland is widely used as a cost-effective thickener and stabilizer in food and beverage applications. In addition to modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is also useful in modifying flow, adding texture and enhancing mouthfeel. Blanose™ cellulose gum is available in a wide range of grades with different viscosities, molecular weights, degrees of substituti...

Cellulose Gum

Benecel™ modified celluloses, also known as methylcellulose (MC) and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), are versatile, multifunctional food gums. The polymeric structure of these products, which is different from other cellulosics, improves cohesion, texture and mouthfeel. They are unique hydrocolloids because they reversibly gel at elevated temperatures. Benecel MC and HPMC perform many functions in foods, depending on type, grade, use l...

Benecel™ modified cellulose

Klucel™ modified cellulose, also known as hydroxypropylcellulose or HPC, is a unique hydrocolloid for food applications. It is extremely surface active and forms excellent films.  

Klucel™ modified cellulose

Benecel™ mc and HPMC perform many functions in processed foods, depending on type, grade, use level and conditions. Among these functions are thermal gelation, film formation, thickening, binding and water retention. The polymeric structure of these products, which is different from other cellulosics, improves cohesion, texture and mouthfeel. Small amounts of Benecel MC and HPMC significantly enhance emulsion stability as well. This is...

Benecel™ methylcellulose & hydroxypropylmethylcellulose


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