liquid cellulose+ platform

Ashland is building on its natrosol™ rheology modifier technology by developing a liquid additive concept. This new liquid rheology system can be applied for formulating architectural paints in general, but is also highly recommended for formulators converting to an all-liquid paint manufacturing process. By replacing the conventional dry powder form or pre-slurried HEC by the new liquid rheology system, coating manufacturers will obtain the flexibility to further enhance and optimize existing, traditional paint making processes as well as support the implementation of more advanced ways to manufacture paint. 

key advantages:

  • sustainable 
    • biosourced ingredients
    • preservative free
    • biostable/enzyme resistant
  • enhanced foam control
  • improved cost-in-use
    • no need for slurry preparation
    • faster processing time resulting in more batches

example of a two-step paint manufacturing process with application of liquid natrosol™ FRS





innovations platforms overview video

liquid cellulose+ rn image.jpg