transformed vegetable oils (TVO)

unique, new to the world additives with attractive characteristics

These unique, “new-to-the-world” additives can scale multiple markets with a wide range of attractive characteristics. They are renewable, natural, biodegradable, non-microplastic, non-GMO, and vegan. The platform provides four-in-one functionality with tunable water solubility.

As a vital platform for personal care, transformed vegetable oils (TVOs) is in every way a significant success. When you add this platform’s ability to leap industries, something even more important comes to light- carrying an equal amount of transformational impact in personal care, coatings, pharma and crop care. This four-in-one multifunctional platform sets the standard for dynamic, next generation technology platforms. 


  • personal care
  • coatings
  • pharma and secondary markets

key advantages:

  • patent protected
  • sustainable solution4
  • innovative process - 100 percent yield5, no catalyst, solvent nor waste
  • nature-derived3
  • biodegradable2
  • non-microplastic6
  • non-GMO, vegan

A dispersant, film former, binder and delivery system, this platform is a true disruptor for our customers adding value across personal care including oral care for mouthwashes and toothpaste (gantrez™ soja delivery system), skin care for hand and body washes (softhance™ mr conditioning agent) and skin/ sun care and color cosmetics (antaron™ soja glyceride). 

Ashland transformed vegetable oils turns this standout platform into a true, dynamic disruptor. This flexibility and multifaceted impact means our customers can benefit across four separate industries that are targeted (personal care, pharma, coatings, crop care), effective, and transformational in both scope and scale. Gantrez™ soja, softhance™ mr and antaron™ soja are the first personal care products from this innovative technology platform.

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products derived from this platform:

  feat-prod-incos24-softhance -final.jpg



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innovations platforms overview video

View the platform overview video from in-cosmetics global interview with personal care insights.

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