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Pet food makers the world over are barking for solutions for better texture and substance for their canned, semi-moist, and dry pet foods.  Keeping food moist, creating thick, delicious gravy and keeping food safe and stable are just a few of the solutions Ashland can offer.   Although the Ashland team is on two legs instead of four, they are dedicated to find solutions for pets and people alike.  Ashland solutions are purringly and tail waggingly good.

Pet food industry trends closely follow global food trends driving pet food manufacturers to look for texture, stabilization, water-binding and thickening solutions. Ashland’s cellulose and guar gums offer solutions for canned, dry, and semi-moist pet foods.

Cellulose gum is a good thickener for the liquids associated with all-meat canned products or where gravy is used. Its ability to control water helps with the finished product appeal and during processing to help facilitate the conveying and filling operations.

The high water-holding capacity of cellulose gum makes it a useful additive for moisture retention in soft, moist products. This is particularly true with soft, moist cat foods, in which the product should not dry out after removal from the package.

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Blanose™ cellulose gum, or sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), from Ashland is widely used as a cost-effective thickener and stabilizer in food and beverage applications. In addition to modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is also useful in modifying flow, adding texture and enhancing mouthfeel. Blanose™ cellulose gum is available in a wide range of grades with different viscosities, molecular weights, degrees of substituti...

blanose™ cellulose gum

Phase 2™ carb controller is a proprietary, natural ingredient derived from the white kidney bean. This product is not a stimulant; it works by reducing the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches. Phase 2™ carb controller has been clinically shown to reduce the digestion and absorption of dietary starches by up to 66%. benefitsPhase 2™ carb controller has been extensively studied; more than 14 clinical studies have been conducte...

phase 2™ carb controller for reduced starch absorption

Blanose™ 7HF CMC is a multi-functional food gum that aids in stabilizing canned pet food to reduce fat separation during processing. Blanose™ 7HF CMC also aids extrusion and provides moisture control to maintain the texture of semi-moist pet food. Additionally, Blanose™ 7HF CMC can be used in pet food dry kibble coatings to thicken gravy and retard pellet softening.

blanose™ 7hf carboxymethylcellulose

Aquasorb™ A-500 cellulose gum has superior water-binding and water-holding capacity to improve the texture and integrity of dry and semi-moist pet food. Additionally, this grade of cellulose gum can be used to control moisture migration in canned pet food.

aquasorb™ a-500 cellulose gum

Aquasorb™ cellulose gum, or sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), is a high-purity, powdered super-absorbent that offers increased bake stability, extended shelf life, freeze/thaw stability and water binding. Besides modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is useful in suspending solids and modifying the flow and texture. In beverages, cellulose gum adds a pleasant, clean mouthfeel. In addition, the anionic nature of CMC allows it to ...

aquasorb™ cellulose gum


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