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who sprouts solutions for plant-based proteins? we do.


There has been a growing popularity of plant-based foods for not only meat alternatives but also seafood alternatives. Motivations for eating plant-based proteins include seeking a diet with variety, concern for animal welfare, allergen avoidance, and health improvement. This variety of needs has increased innovation in end applications, ingredients, and textures.

Proteins serve a functional as well as a nutritional purpose in the end applications. Replacing animal-based proteins with plant-based proteins is not always easy but can be achieved with the use of hydrocolloids.

Benecel™ MX and NEW Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose are specially formulated for meat alternative, seafood alternative, and plant-based applications.

features and benefits of Benecel™ methylcellulose:

  • strong thermal gelling provides a meat-like texture
  • emulsification stabilizes fat and water to retain moisture
  • low gel temperature grades provide a firmer bite at eating temperature
  • high viscosity grades provide superior shape retention
  • plant-derived

Benecel™ methylcellulose webinar

In the video below, Ashland scientists present solutions for alternative protein applications.  Watch to learn:

  • features and benefits of methylcellulose
  • how methylcellulose can be used to provide texture and structure to alternative protein applications
  • thermal gelation properties of different grades on methylcellulose
  • about NEW Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose, suitable for large-scale, high production of meat alternatives
  • how methylcellulose can be used for economy formulation in processed meat

. Click here or the video to learn more.

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Have questions about how Benecel™ MX and Benecel™ MX 100 can help you overcome your plant-protein challenges?  Contact an Ashland solver.

Products for plant-based protein applications are listed below.

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for plant based foods The growing popularity of plant based foods and meat alternatives has spurred innovation in end applications, ingredients and textures. Although products are usually suitable for vegetarian or vegans, they may also appeal to a wider audience. Some of the broader motivations for eating plant based proteins include those seeking variety in their diet, concern for animal welfare, allergen avoidance, a desire to reduce the amoun...

benecel™ MX modified cellulose

who enables large scale production of plant-based burgers? we do. Benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose is Ashland’s most recent innovation for alternative protein applications. Benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose is a remarkably high viscosity grade of methylcellulose that provides texture and structure to satisfying meat alternative products and is suitable for high-speed, large-scale production. Whether you’re formulating plant-b...

benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose

Benecel™ methylcellulose is plant-based, sustainably sourced, and widely used as a food ingredient for its unique and unmatched functionality. Its long history of safe use and its versatility make it a trusted component in the formulation of many food products.  Benecel™ methylcellulose is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free. It provides texture and binding to a variety of food applications including alternative protei...

benecel™ methylcellulose

Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose is a remarkably high viscosity grade of methylcellulose that provides texture and structure to meat alternative products and is suitable for high-speed, large-scale production. During cooking, Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose creates a gel that provides a firm meat-like texture which remains as the product cools to eating temperatures. Benecel™ MX 100 methylcellulose provides the greatest amount of firmness of the B...

benecel™ mx 100 methylcellulose

Benecel™ MX methylcellulose is specially formulated for meat and seafood alternatives. It forms a thermal gel that creates a firm texture during cooking and remains while eating and cooling. Benecel™ MX methylcellulose provides a firm bite for products meant to simulate meat products, binding to replace eggs, and can help retain moisture to provide an enjoyable eating experience.

benecel™ mx methylcellulose

Benecel™ A4M methylcellulose is a multi-functional food gum that provides binding and creates texture in alternative meat and seafood applications. Its emulsifying properties transform vegetable oils and water into a firm emulsion providing a solid, fat-like structure to alternative meat and seafood.

benecel™ a4m methylcellulose


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