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The ever-changing world of medicine poses new and exciting challenges to the teams of solvers at Ashland. Advances in diagnostics and treatment yield better outcomes for patients, physicians, surgeons and specialists alike. Medical radiation has made significant progress in the treatment of tumors - both cancerous and benign. Pinpoint precision of radiation beams target tumors while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue virtually untouched. Creating 3-D dose maps takes accuracy and a sense of urgency accompanies any cancer diagnosis. At Ashland, we seek solutions that provide benefits along the entire value chain. Our radiation technology helps keep the worlds blood supply safe, thereby protecting patients from tainted blood.  Our advanced chemistry in adhesives can be used in a variety of products used for wound and ostomy care.

Ashland provides solutions to the medical industry that improve the usability and efficacy of bandages, dressings and other medical disposables to improve patient comfort and outcomes. Our adhesives are used in product assembly and in transdermal, electromedical, and diagnostic device supplies. Our formulations do not contain any animal derivatives or natural rubber latex derivatives, and have passed compulsory skin-contact requirements including cytotoxicity, primary dermal irritation and sensitization tests under ISO 10993 (or similar standard methods. Make an appointment with Ashland and check up on how we can help you and your customers.


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  • high-dose dosimetry and research films

    Gafchromic™ dosimetry films

    Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for Gamma and x-ray dosimetry applications. Gafchromic™ high-dose dosimetry films include MD-V3 and HD-V2. These films can be used for many applications including, but not limited to, research, sterilization applications and dose-mapping. Gafchromic™ Unlaminated films are films that have the active chemistry exposed for detection of low energy beams. All Gafchromic™ films can be custom cut to meet your needs.

    The product line includes:

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  • radiology films

    Gafchromic™ radiology QA films

    Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for radiology QA applications. Gafchromic™ radiology films include LD-V1 for machine quality assurance, XR-CT3 for CT Scanner quality assurance, and XR-M3 for mammography quality assurance. LD-V1 can also be used for quality assurance of dental equipment, security applications, and non-destructive testing. All Gafchromic™ films can be custom cut to meet your needs.

    The product line includes:

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  • radiotherapy films

    Gafchromic™ radiotherapy films

    Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for radiotherapy applications. Gafchromic™ radiotherapy films include EBT3 for machine and patient quality assurance, EBT-XD for patient quality assurance, and RTQA2 for machine quality assurance. When used with Film QA Pro™ software, Gafchromic™ film provides the most complete and accurate dosimetric measurement.  All Gafchromic™ films can be custom cut to meet your needs. The full product line is listed below. 

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  • blood safety

    Rad-Sure™ blood irradiation indicators

    Blood types are the same the world over - with just 3 letters and two symbols you can identify every one of the more than seven billion human beings on the planet. Many organizations work to keep each and every one healthy and happy and no-where is that more important than ensuring a safe blood supply.  Blood banks around the world turn to Ashland to help ensure that every drop is safe so recipients can relax and have peace of mind knowing that their transfusion is protected. Tainted blood is a big negative, but working with Ashland, on the other hand, is definitely positive.

    At blood centers, Ashland's Rad-Sure™ indicators provide positive visual verification of the irradiated status of blood units. In addition, the Dose-Map™  calibration system validates the performance of blood irradiators providing peace of mind that blood is safe to use. This instant imaging film medium darkens when exposed to ionizing radiation providing easy to see visual proof of irradiation.  Hospitals can greatly reduce the risk of transfusion-related disease through irradiation of cellular blood products prior to transfusion. Be sure with Rad-Sure.

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  • filmQA pro™ software v.7

    a sophisticated, quantitative analysis tool for Gafchromic™ Film

    FilmQA Pro™ software is a sophisticated, quantitative analysis tool specifically designed to simplify and streamline the intensity-modulated radiation therapy quality assurance (IMRT QA). Our software is also effective for QA of SRS, SBRT and VMAT procedures. It allows you to scan or open images of exposed film and calculate the optimized dose maps.

    FilmQA Pro™ software uses proprietary multi-channel dosimetry which eliminates or mitigates film and scanner artifacts by detecting whether errors are being made during scanning. In addition,, the software also has the one-scan analysis feature which combines calibration and plan verification in a single scan. The one-scan protocol requires only the patient film, a reference patch, and an unexposed patch. This protocol eliminates error sources such as interscan variability, which enables you to reduce errors to within 2 percent.

    With FilmQA Pro™ software, you can get your results in minutes, post-exposure growth no longer is an issue and there is no waiting overnight for changes in the film to diminish. You can do an analysis any time you want, even at a moment’s notice. The software delivers gamma passing rates ≥ 95 percent at 2 percent at 2 mm instead of using 3 percent at 3 mm.

    FilmQA Pro™ software version 7 includes a new lateral scan correction feature. The lateral scan correction feature uses the Lateral Correction Gafchromic™ Film Kit to calibrate the scanner and reduce error. Two kit sizes are available (large and small) based on the size of the flatbed scanner. This procedure is recommended to be performed once a year.

    In addition to the lateral scan correction, version 7 also includes a new software interface including a quick start menu. The Quick Start menu saves the user time by going directly to the most popular features. The new software interface is more user friendly making the software easier to use for both daily users and less frequent users.

    key features and benefits

    • lateral scan correction: apply a correction to compensation for lateral artifacts that can show in the scan
    • new user friendly interface with a quick start menu
    • one-scan protocol: fast and efficient method to achieve dose accuracy within 2%
    • triple-channel dosimetry: use three color channels to optimize accuracy of dose calculations
    • accurately calibrate: an entire lot with just four strips of film using our film-specific mathematical function
    • quick-start screen: easily access the module you need at start-up
    • dose error recognition: ability to identify accuracy of delivered dose
    • superior resolution: get 100 percent of the picture from millions of measurements instead of just 0.1 percent
    • no angular dependence: shoot the film from all angles, an entire plan on a single Gafchromic™ film, and validate the plan in the same way that the patient receives it

    FilmQA Pro™ Software is not available in all regions

    Try FilmQA Pro™ software for one month free – click here.

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    FilmQA Pro™ Software carries a CE Mark



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  • Dose-Map™ blood irradiator dosimetry system

    as easy as 1-2-3

    It can be difficult to tell when your irradiator isn't working properly and waiting until your next scheduled maintenance could be too late. Instead of waiting until something is clearly wrong, be proactive and check your irradiator on a regular basis. This could prevent a serious issue that would cause your irradiator to be down for a long period of time and as a result, would bring work flow to a halt. It's a quick and easy procedure that anyone who knows how to operate a blood irradiator can do!

    as easy as 1-2-3

    1. receive your Dose-map™ cassette from Ashland
    2. place the cassette into the canister and run a normal cycle
    3. send the irradiated cassette back to Ashland

    Once the irradiated cassette is received, Ashland will analyze the film inside the cassette and send you a report. This report will have a dose distribution chart and a color-coded dose contour plot that shows the distribution of absorbed dose in the canister. For more information on the Dose-Map™ blood irradiator dosimetry system or how to order, contact us.



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