improving the profitability of our customer's products

Here are just a few examples of our solutions that improve profitability. 


Ashland high-efficiency Natrosol™ Plus 550, its newest hydrophobically modified hydroxyethylcellulose for architectural paints and coatings

In response to market needs, Natrosol Plus 550 HMHEC was specifically developed to offer improved thickening efficiency over Natrosol Plus 330 HMHEC and other HMHECs on the market. In a majority of benchmarked architectural paint formulations around the world, Natrosol Plus 550 HMHEC delivered a 10-20% improvement in efficiency, allowing formulators to reduce the dosage of cellulosic thickener required to achieve target Stormer (KU) viscosity. This means very significant cost-in-use improvements are achievable in virtually all common latex resin chemistries

Successful new products and loyal consumers can mean increased profits for paint manufacturers – and that’s a good feeling.

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health, wellness and nutraceuticals

Bright white coatings without TIO2

Ashland’s new Aquarius™ Nutra TF titanium dioxide-free, pigmented tablet coatings are a solution for customers concerned about using titanium dioxide as an ingredient. The coatings demonstrate good brightness comparable to traditional white film coatings for oral solid dosage forms. Providing convenience, the coatings are fully formulated and provide immediate release. This new aqueous film coating system was created specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products while potentially increasing the profitability for manufacturers.

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hair care

FiberHance™ bm solution is a molecule designed to penetrate the hair fiber and provide superior strengthening in shampoos and other hair care products that can increase profitability by using cost-effective technology. This functional ingredient is based on glucoside chemistry that strengthens the hair wash after wash, penetrating the natural fibres allowing the hair to be more manageable and alluring. The solution, developed by Ashland, is compatible with color treatment systems to strengthen hair during and after coloring, and to repair hair fibers that have been damaged by chemical treatments. It helps to strengthen all hair types, including Caucasian, Asian and African American.

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