stable fizz™ effervescent granulation

who gives you the fizz without the fuss? we do

Stable Fizz™ effervescent granulation gives you all the fizz without the fuss. Now you can create effervescent powders and tablets without special climate conditions and special packaging. 

improve usability

  • complete system includes acid and bicarbonate
  • patent-pending components and proprietary process
  • provides a protective barrier to prevent premature reaction
  • protective barrier minimizes absorption
  • helps prevent self-propagation between acid and carbonate
  • prevents sensitive components, like Vitamin C, from coming in contact with acid

who has differentiated solutions? we do.

  • patent-pending product
  • highly compressible
  • one-step, easy to use
  • good flowability
  • dissolves quickly and completely
  • may reduce production costs
  • suitable for tablets or s

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