greenlight for girls programs

Ashland supports greenlight for girls to create a sustainable and positive impact for girls in STEM

Ashland is helping to make a difference in young girls’ futures by engaging them in hands-on learning, and we are excited to share how our support is helping greenlight for girls to change the game for girls in STEM. Greenlight for girls (g4g) inspires and encourages girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and Ashland is proud to be part of this community that is inspiring girls around the world to dream bigger and feel that they can do absolutely anything. Through interactive STEM events and hands-on workshops, thousands of girls from around the globe have connected with inspiring STEM role models and ignited their passion for science. 

Ashland is committed to broadening the participation of women and minorities in science. By supporting g4g and their mission, we are hoping for a world with more resources for women and girls in STEM. To date, g4g has engaged more than 60,000 girls in 39 countries and we are proud to support them to further their mission of inspiring girls to pursue STEM careers. Some of their programs include:

We, at Ashland, are devoted to positively shaping the world and contributing to charities like greenlight for girls allows us to unite our efforts to create a better world for girls in science.

  • g4g day – a one day, hands-on STEM workshop-driven event, 
  • passport to STEM – tailored learning projects for teachers and students
  • g4g lab – a metaverse world of discovery for STEM adventurers
  • science, you had me at hello® – an on-the-air broadcast inviting role models with live storytelling
  • meet the scientist – invite STEM professionals into the classroom
  • g4g STEM exploratoria - hackathon-inspired STEM design challenges

To see the impact that Ashland had on greelight for girls in 2023 click here.