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Smile! A smile is how we communicate.  It can be in-person or by web cam, but smiles are an effective and universal way to communicate. Toothpaste, mouth rinse, tooth whiteners and denture adhesives are just a few of the oral care products that keep our smiles healthy and  the world smiling. 

Ashland’s broad ingredient portfolio of bioadhesive polymers, rheology modifiers, delivery systems, mouth moisturizers, encapsulates, and teeth bleaching agents improve the efficacy, integrity and allure of oral care products. Many of our  ingredients are derived from cellulose – a renewable and abundant resource.

We do more than just manufacture innovative ingredients; our solvers help solve oral care challenges. Contact us and see how we can make you smile.

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Aqualon™ and blanose™ mc are anionic, water-soluble polymers. Cmc is made by reacting alkali cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate under rigidly controlled conditions. The resultant polymer is purified and dried.  Purified cmc for personal care and cosmetic applications is typically sold at 99.5 percent minimum purity.  Physical and solution properties of cmc can be varied through manipulation of degree of s...

aqualon™ and blanose™ carboxymethylcellulose

With multiple encapsulation technology capabilities, Ashland develops custom encapsulates tailored to meet the needs of your formulation. captivates™ hc encapsulates Captivates™ hc encapsulates are a series of small particles that contain an active ingredient, or core material, surrounded by a shell produced using a complex coacervation process.  Capsule wall thickness, color, capsule size and core material can be customized...

captivates™ encapsulates

Gantrez™ an polymers are synthetic, alternating copolymers of methyl vinyl ether (mve) and maleic anhydride available in a range of molecular weights. Although the anhydride polymers (an grades) are not directly useable in oral care products, they are used as base polymer for making polymer salts used as bioadhesives in denture adhesive applications.  When gantrez™ an polymers anhydrides are dispersed in water, the anhy...

gantrez™ an polymers

Our gantrez™ s polymer line of methyl vinyl ether and maleic acid copolymers are bioadhesives that function in wet environments. They serve as excellent film formers and mucosal adhesives. These polymers deliver and hold actives on mucus membranes. Available as a solution and powders, gantrez™ s copolymers are the free acid of gantrez™ an polymers. These copolymers are water-soluble resulting in clear, tacky solutions whose...

gantrez™ s polymers

Gantrez™ ms-955 polymer is a mixed sodium and calcium salt of methyl vinyl ether and maleic anhydride supplied as an off-white powder.  The polymer is slowly soluble in water, resulting in amber colored solutions with high viscosity and adhesion.  The cations form salt bridges which crosslink the polymer chains.  It is directly usable in denture adhesive formulation. features and benefits: offers excellent bioadhesion in wet...

gantrez™ ms-955 polymer

Lubrajel ba hydrogel is a novel solution for mouth moisturization that provides a formulation option for dry mouth. Lubrajel ba hydrogel is a clathrate of glyceryl acrylate and glyceryl polyacrylate that encloses water molecules via hydrogen bonding and Van der Waals forces. Since it binds moisture and is a highly viscous gel, lubrajel ba hydrogel is an ideal ingredient to provide moisture to the mouth. Lubrajel BA hydrogel offers ...

lubrajel* ba hydrogel

nature-derived, efficient thickening Nature-derived from sustainably sourced cellulose, natrosol™ hec products are water-soluble, non-ionic polymers that can be used in a variety of personal and home care applications. These efficient thickeners perform across a wide pH range and demonstrate high salt tolerance and broad surfactant compatibility, enabling clear formulations. The wood pulp used in our cellulose products is sourced from ...

natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose

Peroxydone™ complexes are a family of highly stable, solid complexes of hydrogen peroxide with pharmaceutical-grade polyvinylpyrrolidone. Supplied as white powders, the complexes release hydrogen peroxide on contact with water or saliva in the mouth to deliver hydrogen peroxide, resulting in brighter and whiter teeth. These unique complexes are stable in a wide range of solvents and provide excellent substantivity, bioadhesion, film-forming and f...

peroxydone™ complexes

Plasdone™ k-29/32 polymer is a stable, water-soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone that meets U.S., European and Japanese pharmacopoeia specifications for Povidone. Plasdone™ k-29/32 polymer forms complexes with catechins, just as it does with many other compounds that cause discoloration of teeth. The polymer can be effectively used to bind and remove stains through hydrogen bonding with chemical compounds.  plasdone™ k-29/32 polym...

plasdone™ k polymers

Plasdone™ s-630 polymer is 60:40 linear random copolymer of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate. Soluble in water and in many organic solvents, plasdone™ s-630 polymer is substantive, and acts as a film-former. It is also used as a tablet binder for denture cleaning tablets.

plasdone s-630 polymer

A crosslinked pvp, this, nonionic, water-insoluble but swellable homopolymer is available in several grades (XL, XL-10) differentiated by particle size. Complying with USP, European and Japanese pharmacopeia specifications for Crospovidone, polyplasdone™ polymer act as tablet disintegrants.

polyplasdone™ polymers

  Allantoin, a white colorless crystalline powder, is well known skin and oral mucosa protectant.  Allantoin usp meets current US Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacpeia (EP) monographs.  The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists Allantoin as a skin protectant at 0.5% to 2.%. applications: toothpaste mouthwash denture adhesives

allantoin usp

Aqualon™ sodium carboxymethylcellulose (cmc) is made by reacting sodium monochloroacetate with alkalicellulose under rigidly controlled conditions. The resultant anionic polymer is purified and dried. Purified cmc for personal care and cosmetic applications is typically sold at 99.5 percent minimum purity. In addition to thickening aqueous systems, cmc is used in personal care products for water binding, syneresis control and its ability to...

aqualon™ sodium carboxymethylcellulose

Benecel™ e4m hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) is a cellulose-based, polymeric surfactant which enhances foam characteristics and exhibits interaction with surfactants. It has been shown to increase foam volume and produce increased amount of smaller bubbles to enhance creaminess in model toothpaste formulations containing different surfactant systems. In addition, benecel™ e4m hpmc exhibits synergistic foam enhancement with a...

benecel™ e4m hpmc

Flexithix™ polymer thickener works under extreme conditions.  This thickener is capable of providing stability across a wide pH range (2-13).  Flexithix™ rheology modifier is formulator-friendly because it does not require neutralization, is highly salt-tolerant, has little to no odor, provides a pleasant after-feel in formulation, and even works with glycolic acid and salicylic acid.  This thickener is very synergistic...

flexithix™ polymer

phyteq™ raspberry i multifunctional is a nature identical multifunctional preservative booster based on raspberry ketone. As a preservative potentiator it helps to protect the cosmetic against spoilage. Additional skin benefits make it an excellent choice for skin care products, as it acts as a strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps to protect the elasticity of the skin.

phyteq™ raspberry i multifunctional

phyteq™ raspberry n multifunctional is a 100% natural and COSMOS validated multifunctional preservative booster, based on raspberry ketone. As a preservative potentiator it helps to protect the cosmetic against spoilage. Additional skin benefits make it an excellent choice for skin care products, as it acts as a strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps to protect the elasticity of the skin. Its anti-inflammation properties c...

phyteq™ raspberry n multifunctional

who brings the power of raspberry to oral care? we do. Harnessing the power of raspberries, phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional technology is a natural antimicrobial technology discovered with the help of artificial intelligence.   It has demonstrated benefits in boosting the preservation of mouthwash as well as synergies with common oral care antimicrobials. It also has antioxidant benefits. facts about raspberry ketone Raspberry ketone ...

phyteq™ raspberry multifunctional

Klucel nutra™ modified cellulose is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether that enables robust tablets. Derived from cellulose, this directly compressible tablet binder, provides superior tablet hardness and low friability. The wood pulp used in our cellulose products is sourced from suppliers who have implemented zero deforestation business practices, adhering to standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), by the Program...

klucel nutra™ modified cellulose

Aloe vera is an iconic botanical resource long recognized for its soothing and hydration benefits. Ashland puraloe™ offers extremely highly pure, organically certified aloe vera that is responsibly sourced from Ashland's farms in Mexico. This responsible sourcing means that we support workers' rights through resource access and local community reinvestment while protecting the environment via water conservation and a commitment to herbicide...

puraloe™ 717pc organic, ffl whole leaf aloe vera

who gives you the fizz without the fuss?  we do. Stablefizz™ effervescent base adds the fizz without the fuss.  As consumers seek more sustainable personal care products, solid and waterless formats are emerging. Stablefizz™ effervescent granulation is a convenient and easy-to-use, stable system that release carbon dioxide on contact water to form bubbles or fizz giving consumers an enhanced sensory experience. Now, you can ...

stablefizz™ effervescent base


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