Cement & gypsum based dry mortars & ready to use plasters & joint compounds

solutions for dry-mix mortars and building materials

From cement and gypsum based dry mortars to ready-mixed joint compounds and synthetic plasters, Ashland spreads the wealth of its knowledge and sophisticated chemistry across applications for use in products for both commercial and residential buildings.  We continue to push the limits to find just the right balance between usability and workability with strength and integrity to save you both time and energy, which, when saved, has a positive impact on your bottom line. The combination of Ashland products, technology, application expertise and solutions creates a useable and functional palette of options to easily spread success and cement your future success.

Although there are many different formulations for creating dry and ready mixed building materials, a common set of desired properties, including water retention, strength and workability, exists for all products.  The ongoing challenge is to balance the need for spreadability and workability, that enhance the usability and application properties, with excellent sag resistance to keep the product where it's needed at a consistent level.  So whether your challenge deals with cementitious adhesives, renders, skim coats, gypsum plasters and fillers or synthetic plasters, Ashland combines products that manage the physical properties of aqueous systems with technology and testing to provide solutions for a wide array of applications.  Ashland products can help achieve desired functional outcomes through rheology control, water retention, workability, adhesive strength, binding power, film formation, deposition and suspension and emulsification action to maximize the benefits while minimizing the challenges. The solvers at Ashland can help you select the best products and optimize your formulations to maximize the usability and integrity of your products to provide the best overall outcome. With a global network of sales as well as R&D and technical service facilities, Ashland provides solutions in usability for building and construction solutions around the world.

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Aqualon™ starch ethers enhance workability and improve the application properties of dry-mixed building products. They are recommended to fine-tune the anti-sagging properties, workability and consistency of dry mortars such as tile cements, plasters and renders and to increase the yield and water demand of these systems.     

Aqualon™ starch ethers

Culminal™ methylcellulose (MC) derivatives help building materials apply more easily and perform better. Culminal products provide water retention, workability and cohesiveness to mixtures. They are also used to control thickening, water demand, open time, sag resistance, strength and other important properties of the final product. Culminal methylcellulose derivatives include MHEC and MHPC chemistries, mostly as formulated solutions and ta...

Culminal™ methylcellulose derivatives

Drew™ powder and Drewplus™ liquid defoamers are polyols and fatty acid ester foam control agents for use in ready-to use and dry-mix formulations. Drew powder defoamers are especially effective for use in building applications such as self-levelling compounds and water-proofing membranes, partly also in highly polymer modified cementitious adhesives whereas Drewplus liquid defoamers find excellent applicability in ready-to-use bu...

Drew™ powder and Drewplus™ liquid defoamers

Nexton specialty water-soluble polymers are a family of nonionic additives. Their unique chemistries provide distinctive textures in cement, gypsum- and latex-based products improving workability, cohesiveness and appearance of building material. Nexton products have been developed specifically for masonry systems and tape joint compounds and also find application in gypsum plasters and renders.

Nexton™ water-soluble polymers

Silipon™ air-entraining agents comprise a family of products of different chemistries. These products produce a well defined amount of homogeneously distributed microscopic air bubbles in building mortars. This reduces the density of the wet mortars and improves workability. In addition, the small air void system can improve freeze-thaw durability while minimally influencing the final strength.

Silipon™ air-entraining agent

largely provides long visual open and excellent adhesive transfer and gives additional security What is Culminal™ plus methylcellulose? Culminal™ plus methylcellulose product line focuses on fixing large format tiles in order to reach an excellent adhesive transfer applicable to many formulations. Why choose Culminal™ plus methylcellulose? This solution revolutionizes the tile industry, not only to help you strongly adhere your ...

Culminal™ Plus methylcellulose

Culminal™ UP modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose for premium cementitious adhesives Culminal™ UP (Ultimate Performance) modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose is a new concept of modified methyl cellulose derivatives used in premium cementitious adhesive formulations (e.g. tile adhesives, ETICS adhesives). There are a number of key performance gaps in today’s formulations, which are addressed with the Culminal™ UP modified ...

Culminal™ UP modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose

A new line of specific Culminal FS™ (fast setting) grades has been developed for ternary binder systems requiring extremely fast strength development. Culminal FS™ is designed to support a one-solution approach eliminating the need for additional thickener systems like organoclays and starch ethers. Culminal FS products for tile adhesives based on ternary binder systems (high alumina cement / portland cement / gypsum) allow manufactur...

Culminal™ FS modified cellulose ethers for fast setting ternary systems

Natrosol™ & Natrovis hydroxyethylcellulose are largely used as thickeners for joint compounds and other ready-to-use building materials. Hydroxyethylcellulose is offered in different viscosity levels (molecular weights), particle size distribution and are available as regular HEC or more enzyme resistant HEC. You also have the choice to use retarded solubly types, which simplify preparation of solutions and incorporation into the final ...

Natrosol™| Natrovis hydroxyethylcellulose

Galactasol™ guar derivatives are largely used as thickeners for joint compounds and other ready-to-use building materials. They work very well in combination with cellulosic thickeners like Culminal™ methylcellulose derivatives or Natrosol™ & Natrovis hydroxyethylcellulose.     

Galactasol™ guar derivatives

introducing the next generation of culminal™ up, culminal™ gap, a green cementitious additive for premium cementitious tile adhesives (CTA) The cement industry is estimated to contribute approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions. As a result, the use of composite cements is growing because of their lower carbon dioxide footprint (CEM II and CEM III); however, these formulations negatively impact strength development. Culminal™ ga...

culminal™ gap methylhydroxyethylcellullose


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