Who sees opportunities at a molecular level?

We do! Every day the passionate, tenacious solvers of Ashland strive to amplify the efficacy, refine the usability, add to the allure, ensure the integrity, and improve the profitability of your products and applications. We do this by combining our in-depth understanding of the structure function relationship of polymers, our global research and development capabilities, or experience in formulation architecture, our broad product portfolio of both cellulosic and synthetic polymers and our relentless pursuit for solutions across a variety of industries.  We come to work with the goal to find solutions to lighten the weight, increase the performance, strengthen the durability, improve the protection, enhance the texture, maximize the results, boost the bioavailability, and intensify the delivery of your products, to name just a few. We help customers streamline processes, test production methods, decrease total cost of formulations to increase profits and speed your time to market by eliminating barriers.  In short, we are your  long-term, trusted partner for solving your toughest challenges in applied chemistry.

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  • Construction

    who lays a foundation for structural integrity? we do.

    Every day the people of Ashland put on their thinking (hard) hats to find, test and design the ingredients and pieces that, when combined, provide structural integrity to both residential and commercial buildings alike. Our lightweight moldable materials aid in the creation of sophisticated, safe designs, while our cultured and engineered stone and marble products add to the allure of counters, rest rooms and other hard surfaces. Ashland's core values, especially safety, extend beyond our walls and into yours, with structural adhesives, window films and fire retardant materials to make buildings, roads and bridges stronger and safer.

    Building and construction is an industry with an ever-increasing need to balance structural integrity, usability, and long-term durability against overall material weight. That’s why industry leaders turn to us for the creation of stronger, lighter, more resistant substitutes for traditional materials. From high performing, cost-effective thermoset resins to cellulose ethers to specialty corrosion-resistant resins to structural adhesives, Ashland provides solutions to maintain balance between performance, cost and weight and to help you deliver superior end products in virtually every aspect of the construction process.


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  • Energy and resources

    Who gets energized to find new solutions?

    We do!

    Over 7 billion people now inhabit plant earth. This population has an almost unquenchable thirst for energy to power their cars, heat and cool their homes and keep industries and companies running.  The need for energy is infinite, yet the planet is finite, so companies like Ashland are working to find new and innovative ways to help oil companies and service providers not only find oil and gas deposits, but extract them in the most environmentally way possible.  In addition to capturing these precious resources, Ashland is also working to capture the power of the wind and the sun to provide renewable sources of energy.  Ashland is ready, willing and able to aid in solutions to recharge the energy market.  Plug into Ashland and see what solutions we can find for you.


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  • Food and Beverage

    who serves up a smorgasbord of solutions? we do.

    In addition to the air we breathe, nutritious food and water are essential elements for the life we live.  Ashland applies its knowledge of polymer structure and function to find solutions to help keep your food products fresher longer. As solvers, and people who like delicious food, we work with you on products that can help make healthier version of familiar and favorite foods.  Whether your challenge is reducing oil, while retaining crunch and flavor, in fried foods or keeping your whipped topping fluffed enough to handle not just one but two cherries or mixing up mouthwatering baked goods, Ashland can help. We can also serve up solutions for the frozen foods and meals that so many busy people rely on for healthy, tasty meals on the run.  And, our ingredients for savories and sauces can help spice things up a bit.  Ashland even works to make our four-legged family members happy by making pet food both delicious and nutritious. We look forward to working with you and cooking up some solutions and recipes for success.

    Our food ingredient solutions add texture, increase moisture, and improve processing efficiency and finished-product quality in major food applications. We combine our applications knowledge, market insight, and our distinctive product portfolio to create value for you and tasty food products for your customers.

    The results are all around you:

    • economical protein stabilization in acidified dairy products
    • enhanced moisture and shelf life in bakery products
    • enhanced mouthfeel in reduced-sugar beverages
    • reduced oil uptake in fried foods
    • reduced saturated fats with meat substitutes
    • reduced milk fat with creamy mouthfeel in whipped toppings

    Our global network of research and application scientists mixed with a full array of products and chemistries, carefully blended with our expertise and liberally sprinkled with a passion can result in delicious and delectable outcomes for you.


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  • Health, Wellness & Nutraceuticals

    who has a healthy regard for your wellness*? we do.

    We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and focus on advancing the competitiveness of our customers.

    always solving™ for health and wellness
    The drive to find ingenious solutions is in every Ashland employee’s DNA. No one knows more or cares more about how to transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity and profitability of customers’ nutraceutical products and applications. We call this the Ashland 5 Effects™. 

    we make ordinary extraordinary
    We pride ourselves on bringing our customers a broad range of specialty solutions to some everyday health, wellness and nutraceutical products. Whether you are looking to reduce dusting, meet a label content claim, or reduce your tablet size, chances are we have a solution for your product. Our capabilities include custom blending, micronizing, granulating and standardizing. We can work our magic on almost any ingredient to meet your exacting specifications.

    who has "knock-out" products for sports nutrition? we do. 
    Ashland introduced innovative “knock-out” ingredients for the self-directed, sports-minded consumer. Our ingredients can help you score a winning formula for muscle recovery, joint comfort, weight management or a healthy gut. Need to punch above your weight class?  We even have a clinically backed ingredient for consumers who want to control carbs or are on a keto diet. 


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  • Medical

    who sticks to it for better patient outcomes? we do.

    The ever-changing world of medicine poses new and exciting challenges to the teams of solvers at Ashland. Advances in diagnostics and treatment yield better outcomes for patients, physicians, surgeons and specialists alike. Medical radiation has made significant progress in the treatment of tumors - both cancerous and benign. Pinpoint precision of radiation beams target tumors while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue virtually untouched. Creating 3-D dose maps takes accuracy and a sense of urgency accompanies any cancer diagnosis. At Ashland, we seek solutions that provide benefits along the entire value chain. Our radiation technology helps keep the worlds blood supply safe, thereby protecting patients from tainted blood.  Our advanced chemistry in adhesives can be used in a variety of products used for wound and ostomy care.

    Ashland provides solutions to the medical industry that improve the usability and efficacy of bandages, dressings and other medical disposables to improve patient comfort and outcomes. Our adhesives are used in product assembly and in transdermal, electromedical, and diagnostic device supplies. Our formulations do not contain any animal derivatives or natural rubber latex derivatives, and have passed compulsory skin-contact requirements including cytotoxicity, primary dermal irritation and sensitization tests under ISO 10993 (or similar standard methods. Make an appointment with Ashland and check up on how we can help you and your customers.


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  • performance specialties

    who moves molecules like chess pieces? we do.

    Ashland knows that a single ingredient can have a big impact and, for us, every day is an opportunity to find a new solution to a new challenge. We have teams of solvers ready to solve your next challenge. With the combination of our specialty ingredients, technical expertise, research and development capabilities our solvers are working to provide solutions to a broad range of applications - from pencils and paper to mining and manufacturing there's nothing too big or small for the team at Ashland.  First we listen, and then look to science for solutions. Then we develop test and try and we'll do that over and over again until we find a solution that works for you.


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  • Paints and Coatings

    who continues to roll on toward even better solutions? we do.

    The instant a consumer opens the paint can, they will see it. The moment the paint is poured into the tray, they’ll notice it. When they roll the paint across the wall, they'll feel it. This is the Ashland difference – a difference made possible thanks to our world-class expertise in rheology modification. Every day, Ashland engineers, chemists and scientists are helping perfect paint formulations for manufacturers and formulators just like you. The results can be seen from formulation through application; manufacturing that is simpler or faster, finishes that are more appealing, performance that is more effective.

    Your customers demand performance – be it unsurpassed hiding, superior leveling and flow, or consistency with every brush stroke. Ashland can help you formulate coatings to meet market demands with groundbreaking innovation, a global product line, and personal attention that's transforming the concept of customer service.

    Our industry-changing technology is born in our Paint Application Center of Technology; re-engineered and refined after countless bits of information are decoded from our Application Reader Technology™. And it comes to life in products like Natrosol™ HEC, and Aquaflow™ rheology modifiers.

    Our technology is transforming not only how you think about formulations, but how painters (contractors and DIYs) approach their projects. From a wall, to a room, to the overall painting experience, Ashland is transforming the way our industry thinks about paint.



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  • Personal and Home Care

    Who dreams of a better beauty? We do.

    Health and wellness, along with natural and organic foods and products, are just a few of the growing consumer trends changing the face of today's personal care market. Current market trends, including simplification and the need for multiple benefits in a single product, present new challenges for Ashland's team of solvers. We look at the formulation architecture to create more alluring textures, incorporate UV filters into hair care products, face creams, cosmetics and moisturizers, and harness the power of nature to find new biofunctional ingredients that can help fight the signs of aging and the negative effects of pollution can have on hair and skin. We're researching and acquiring new cutting edge technologies, such as Zeta Fraction, to capture concentrated benefits from plants, sustainably.  Our research and development teams want to work with you on solutions and products that make the world a more beautiful place. With Ashland ingredients inside, health and beauty products can be more effective, easier to use and more convenient for consumers.

    Ashland opens new personal care technical center in Hamburg, Germany
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  • Pharmaceutical

    who advances drug delivery? we do.

    Our pharmaceutical team prides itself on advancing drug delivery with an unparalleled range of excipients, as well as longstanding polymer expertise and technical support that enable sophisticated science-based solutions for today’s drug formulation challenges. Our global centers of excellence contain the latest equipment and our research scientists and formulators are ready to work with you from concept to commercialization.

    always solving™ for formulators, manufacturers and patients
    Our solutions contribute to patient acceptability and the ease with which the product can be manufactured, support the overall safety and effectiveness of the drug during storage or use and enhance stability and bioavailability.

    Tom Durig, senior director, R&D, talks about Ashland pharmaceutical products

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