n-dur XR™ drink technology granulation

who keeps your drink working for up to 6 hours? we do.

Ashland's new N-Dur XR™ drink technology extends nutrient release for up to six hours. It uses a proprietary process and is made with patented ingredients.  This technology is suitable for a variety of ingredients and consumer end markets.  We have created two off-the-shelf solutions but can customize with other ingredients.

n-dur xr™ in application with caffeine from green coffee beans

Ashland’s caffeine powder made with extended release N-Dur XR™ technology is a naturally sourced caffeine from green coffee beans. Natural caffeine has been described as having a smoother and more beneficial physiological effect. In comparison, many other sources on the market are made from synthetic caffeine, which is more frequently associated with jitters and headaches.

n-dur xr™ in application with melatonin

Extended release melatonin delivery maintains melatonin levels in the body over the course of the sleep cycle. This approach can help promote restful sleep throughout the night and provide a more beneficial physiological response than a single dose of melatonin*.

n-dur xr ™ in application with EAAs

Looking to create an innovative great sports beverage? When used with EAAs, n-dur xr™ technology can create an all-in-one pre- and post-workout recovery drink. The extended release action supports muscles before, during and after the workout*. It can be combined with ingredients such as nitric oxide boosters, energy systems and creatine. The powdered format is unique and super convenient.

differentiated solution

n-dur XR™ drink technology

  • uses a proprietary process
  • made with patented ingredients
  • enhanced dispersibility
  • easy-to-use powder form
  • helps mask unpleasant taste and odor
  • customizable composition
  • compatible with whey and fruit-based formulations
  • vegan
  • Kosher and Halal certified

suitable applications include:

  • dry powder beverages
  • sachets
  • stick packs
  • cannisters

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