refining the usability of our customer's products

Here are just a few examples of our solutions that refine usability. 

coatings and skin care

go with the flow

For many Ashland customers, rheology – how a liquid flows – is a critical factor in business success – or failure. It’s true for paints and it’s true for liquid cosmetics, such as concealers and foundations. And because it’s important to Ashland customers, it’s equally important to Ashland researchers.

Regardless of application, Ashland’s understanding rheology allows customers to go with the flow.

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skin care

This clever ingredient refines the usability for so many end application possibilities.

Vital ET™ can help defend skin from external stress, soothe skin that has been exposed to too much sun, and help decrease redness and discomfort from break-outs or shaving. It helps reinforce the skin’s defensive powers at tissue, cellular, and genomic levels against stress from UV, mechanical, and bacterial sources.

This multifunctional ingredient has also been associated with improved sun defense by better preparing the skin for sun exposure and it offers after-sun recovery, delivering a calming effect on redness and skin sensitivity. In addition, it helps the skin fight inflammaging – low chronic inflammation induced by chronic UV stress which can lead to premature aging.

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