ensuring the integrity of our customer's products

Here are just a few examples of our solutions that help ensure integrity.

blood safety

Who ensures the safety and integrity of blood? We do. Proven, trusted and respected Rad-Sure™ blood irradiation indicators provides quality assurance as you switch from gamma irradiators to x-ray irradiators.

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Ashland’s Aroset™ Gentle 700 is a medical pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that maintains it’s integrity adhering to skin, while being “skin friendly” with good breathability. It has minimal pain and trauma upon removal.

Aroset™ Gentle 700 PSA provides a better end-user experience, especially for more sensitive skin individuals. In addition to its ability to release easily from the skin, Aroset™ Gentle 700 PSA can also be repositioned or reapplied on dry skin - attributes that make this adhesive an excellent choice for self adhesive bandages and tapes, as well as other ‘peel-and-stick’ devices intended for low-impact skin bonding applications.

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