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The teams at Ashland work often work at opposite ends to find the solutions from beginning to end.  This applies to paints.  When it comes to paints and coatings we work closely with our customers and each other to find solutions to put it on as well as take it off.  To cover all wall textures, inside and out, we draw upon our expertise in rheology to deliver the best texture to cover yours.

Ashland provides a full range of additives used to enhance the performance and efficacy of many different specialty coatings. The line includes organic and inorganic polymers and products used to affect rheology, gloss, application, and foam control.

Ashland’s cellulose ethers are used to thicken solvent-based paint removers and provide easier application, enhanced vertical cling and can slow rapid solvent evaporation. Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose and Culminal™ methylhydroxypropylcellulose products that are particularly effective in these formulations.


Specialty and industrial coatings products are listed below, use the filters to find the products that meet your specific needs.

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Antara™ (polectron™) 430 polymer is a highly effective opacifier. Antara™ (polectron™) 430 polymer is a white, thermoplastic, 38-41 percent solids, latex produced as a graft, emulsion copolymer of 30 percent polyvinylpyrrolidone and 70 percent styrene. With a glass transition temperature of approximately 100°C, it forms transparent, thermoplastic films that readily adhere to glass, plastics and metals. Antara™ (p...

Antara™ 430 Polectron™ 430 polymer

BLO butyrolactone solvent, also known as gamma-Butyrolactone, is a polar solvent for ionic substrates and functions as an acid donor in aqueous media at elevated temperatures. Although blo solvent is stable under a wide range of conditions, at elevated temperatures and in the presence of appropriate reagents, it serves as an intermediate in a variety of useful syntheses such as: Precursor to 2-pyrrolidone and the extensive family of alkyl pyrrol...

BLO™ gamma butyrolactone

Culminal™ methylcellulose (MC) derivatives help building materials apply more easily and perform better. Culminal products provide water retention, workability and cohesiveness to mixtures. They are also used to control thickening, water demand, open time, sag resistance, strength and other important properties of the final product. Culminal methylcellulose derivatives include MHEC and MHPC chemistries, mostly as formulated solutions and ta...

Culminal™ methylcellulose derivatives

Formulated with N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (V-Pyrol™ vinyl pyrrolidone / RC reactive monomer).

Gafgard™ coating systems

Two VP/DMAE MA copolymers are quaternized with diethylsulfate, producing Gafquat™ 755/755N and Gafquat 734 which give transparent, glossy, tack free, flexible films. The polymers are substantive to negatively charged surfaces and compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants.

Gafquat™ copolymer

M-pyrol solvent is an excellent polymer solvent, paint and photoresist stripper, paint coalescent, industrial cleaner, and extraction solvent. Its N-Methyl 2 pyrrolidone structure is extremely resistant to hydrolysis from pH 2-10, even at elevated temperatures.

M-Pyrol™ solvent

Ashland produces an engineered family based on M-Pyrol™ solvents which are designed to meet the needs of specific cleaning operations. These include ShipShape™ resin cleaner and FoamFlush™ urethane remover which are recommended for unique applications when M-Pyrol solvents alone cannot meet certain cleaning requirements. In addition to their excellent solvency, our engineered solvents are formulated for low VOC and low toxi...

ShipShape™ resin cleaner

M-Pyrol solvent, a lower alkyl pyrrolidone, is an extremely powerful and versatile aprotic solvent. With its high boiling point, low vapor pressure and high stability, it is an effective solvent in numerous industry applications and can be used as a co-solvent with water, alcohols and other organic substances. M-Pyrol solvent is extremely resistant to hydrolysis from pH 2-10, even at elevated temperatures. Beyond these limits, hydrolysis to 4-(me...

NMP - N methyl 2 pyrrolidone (M-Pyrol™ solvent)

Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether with a remarkable combination of properties. It combines organic solvent solubility, thermoplasticity and surface activity with the aqueous thickening and stabilizing properties characteristic of other water-soluble cellulose polymers available from Ashland. Klucel™ HPC films are flexible without plasticizers and non-tacky at high humidity.

Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose

who helps marine primers sail ahead of the rest? we do. Ashland launches Klucel™ MS, a new grade of hydroxypropyl cellulose as a thickener and anti-sagging agent for inorganic zinc rich primers. This brand new HPC technology enables a major improvement in dissolution speed in polar organic solvents, including methanol, isopropyl alcohol and xylene. Furthermore, the thickening efficiency has significantly improved compared to conventional HP...

Klucel™ MS hydroxypropylcellulose in marine coatings

Drewplus* L-3500 foam control agent is formulated for use in water-based coatings, particularly pigmented, but also in clear systems. Drewplus* L-3510 foam control agent is formulated for use in water-based clear coatings. benefits: excellent macro and micro foam control great balance between activity and compatibility economical in use excellent storage stability reduced¹ SVHC content; no reference on MSDS micro foam control through disso...

Drewplus* L-3500 and L-3510 foam control agents

next generation dissolution defoamers in emulsion form excellent micro foam control and compatibility in water-based industrial coatings and decorative coatings The water-based industrial coatings market for wood, metal and plastic is an innovative market searching for continuous improvement in coating properties and the way these coatings are applied. New developed coating formulations are using the latest binder technologies and must comply wit...

Drewplus* L-3200 and Drewplus* L-3210

Aquaflow™ XLS-series NSATs are highly efficient, second generation, low-shear effective liquid thickeners. The Aquaflow™ XLS chemistry provides an optimized balance of leveling with exceptional sag-resistance through a unique engineered structure recovery behavior. This balance of properties means that painters will appreciate a virtually drip-free application resulting in beautiful finished painted surfaces free of brush marks, which...

Aquaflow™ XLS series – the next generation of rheology control

Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners are efficient thickeners for high-performance waterborne paints and coatings. These easy-to-handle liquids build rheology in paints and coatings through self-association and interaction with other ingredients.  Aquaflow rheology modifiers are based on hydrophobically-modified polyacetal-polyether (HM-PAPE) chemistry and are designed to function as a drop-in replacement for urethane-ty...

Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners

Culminal™ UP modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose for premium cementitious adhesives Culminal™ UP (Ultimate Performance) modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose is a new concept of modified methyl cellulose derivatives used in premium cementitious adhesive formulations (e.g. tile adhesives, ETICS adhesives). There are a number of key performance gaps in today’s formulations, which are addressed with the Culminal™ UP modified ...

Culminal™ UP modified methylhydroxyethylcellulose

Ashland is changing the way paint works in industrial markets with the development of a new generation of silicone-free substrate wetting agents – easy-wet™. The easy-wet™ portfolio is a breakthrough technology designed to create a defect-free film. The products deliver key functional attributes including excellent substrate wetting and very low foam stabilization, leading to no cratering. They give formulators precise control o...

Easy-Wet ™ substrate wetting agents


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