who advances drug delivery? we do.

Our pharmaceutical team prides itself on advancing drug delivery with an unparalleled range of excipients, as well as longstanding polymer expertise and technical support that enable sophisticated science-based solutions for today’s drug formulation challenges. Our global centers of excellence contain the latest equipment and our research scientists and formulators are ready to work with you from concept to commercialization.

always solving™ for formulators, manufacturers and patients
Our solutions contribute to patient acceptability and the ease with which the product can be manufactured, support the overall safety and effectiveness of the drug during storage or use and enhance stability and bioavailability.

Tom Durig, senior director, R&D, talks about Ashland pharmaceutical products

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oral solid dosage form

Our knowledge of the structure-function relationships of pharmaceutical polymers, can help you bind, coat, dissolve, and effectively deliver complex drug molecules where and when they're needed.

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oral liquid dosage form

Effective drug delivery in liquid form poses some unique challenges . Ashland will work with you to find new sophisticated solutions to advance drug delivery.

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parenteral dosage form

Until now, no manufacturer has offered a single source of three key excipients used to formulate bioresorbable polymers revolutionary drug delivery systems.

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tablet binders

The pharmaceutical solvers at Ashland stand ready to help identify and select the best binder for your drug or manufacturing process.

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Effective tablet disintegration is necessary for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dissolution and release. And at Ashland, we're eager help.

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controlled release

Ashland offers sophisticated solutions to address a wide variety of controlled release delivery methods.

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Ashland pharmaceutical scientists have extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of spray-dried and hot melt-extruded solid dispersions.

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film coatings

Ashland’s film coating systems and team of passionate, tenacious solvers are here to help you deliver pharmaceutical formulations that are more effective, more easily used, and more appealing.

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