who advances drug delivery? we do.

Ashland’s pharmaceutical business is focusing resources on high value applications to meet customer priorities.

Well known for acetylenics, cellulosics, and film coatings, our polymers have a rich and diverse history supporting active pharmaceutical ingredient delivery. Using careful design and compositional selection, our scholarly, cited scientists possess the formulation and process expertise to match polymer architecture, material and physical characteristics to meet the challenges facing the most demanding pharma applications.

We’ve built our business around serving customers. With an R&D center of excellence in every world region, we are there where and when innovation happens. With regulatory expertise we reach and fully support more than 1,000 customers across the globe.

By doing business in 95 countries, we source and deliver products whenever and wherever you need them, and by manufacturing in-house, supported by backwards integration, we have on hand what our customers need for innovation.

We offer the broadest range of excipients to compose effective oral solid dosage (OSD) and injectable pharmaceuticals. We are widening our portfolio of cellulose-based polymers (HPMC, HPC, CMC, HRC, EC), growing our excipient portfolio for injectables/biologics, including the possibility for customization, and we're focusing on film coatings that live up to customer needs.

Our oral solid dosage and liquid dosage ingredients include controlled release agents, coatings, disintegrants, binders, rheology modifiers, and our expanding list of injectable excipient ingredients includes solubilizers, stabilizers, drug carriers, and other customizable polymers used in long-acting formulations.

As the pharmaceutical industry moves towards new methods of manufacturing, the Ashland pharmaceutical business can skillfully match chemistry to evolving needs.

Building on a strong reputation of trust, reliability, and high quality in this regulated space, Ashland is responsibly solving for healthier lives everywhere.

Tom Durig, senior director, R&D, talks about Ashland pharmaceuticals products

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oral solid dosage

Our knowledge of the structure-function relationships of pharmaceutical polymers, can help you bind, coat, dissolve, and effectively deliver complex drug molecules where and when they're needed.

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oral liquid dosage

Effective drug delivery in liquid form poses some unique challenges . Ashland will work with you to find new sophisticated solutions to advance drug delivery.

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parenteral excipients

Until now, no manufacturer has offered a single source of three key excipients used to formulate bioresorbable polymers revolutionary drug delivery systems.

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dietary supplements

Klucel Nutra™ modified cellulose binders provide formulation reliability, tablet robustness, and dosage efficiency for poorly compressible supplements, including glucosamine, chondroitin and ascorbic acid.

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medical devices & tissue engineering polymers

In medical device polymer applications, Viatel™ polymers provide structural support for a controlled duration of time before they are resorbed by the body, eliminating the need for surgical removal, and providing localized drug release opportunities. We are exploring new uses for bioresorbable polymers in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

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topical dosage

Ashland offers a variety of excipients for topical dosage, including thickeners/viscosity modifiers, protectants, and antiseptics.

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film coating systems

Ashland film coatings formulators have access to an unrivaled range of cellulosic and other polymeric excipients tailored to meet almost any exacting requirement. These fully formulated excipients are available in a broad range of colors and are also offered in TiO2-free versions.

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tablet binders

The pharmaceutical solvers at Ashland stand ready to help identify and select the best binder for your drug or manufacturing process.

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Effective tablet disintegration is necessary for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dissolution and release. And at Ashland, we're eager help.

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controlled release

Ashland offers sophisticated solutions to address a wide variety of controlled release delivery methods.

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Ashland pharmaceutical scientists have extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of spray-dried and hot melt-extruded solid dispersions.

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film coatings

Ashland’s film coating systems and team of passionate, tenacious solvers are here to help you deliver pharmaceutical formulations that are more effective, more easily used, and more appealing.

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