who advances drug delivery? we do.

Our pharmaceutical team prides itself on advancing drug delivery with sophisticated science-based solutions. Our global centers of excellence contain the latest equipment and our research scientists and formulators are ready to work with you from concept to commercialization.

always solving™ for formulators, manufacturers and patients
We meet formulators' needs by providing an unparalleled range of excipients and technologies, as well as longstanding polymer expertise and technical support for oral solids, liquids, topical and parenteral dosage forms. Our solutions include:

  • aqualon™ cmc BET
  • aquarius™ film coating systems
  • plasdone™ copovidone
  • benecel™ hpmc
  • klucel™ hpc
  • plasdone™ povidone
  • polyplasdone™ crospovidone
  • viatel™ bioresorbable polymers
  • CAVAMAX*, cavitron™, CAVISOL* cyclodextrins

Ashland can help you bind, coat, dissolve and deliver solutions that may yield better patient outcomes.

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  • oral solid dosage form

    prescriptions for successful solutions

    Our knowledge of the structure-function relationships of pharmaceutical polymers, combined with our extensive product line can help you bind, coat, dissolve, and effectively deliver complex drug molecules where and when they're needed.

    Our solutions include:

    • Increasing the solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Designing modified-release products to meet targeted release profiles
    • Minimizing tablet size while maintaining drug load
    • Improving disintegration time of orally disintegrating tablets
    • Overcoming challenges of continuous manufacturing technology

    Our experts around the world can also provide:

    • formulation and process development for solid dispersion technologies (hot melt extrusion and spray drying);
    • granulation technologies (fluid bed, high shear, hot-melt extrusion)
    • controlled-release technologies (release-profile prediction and simulation, melt extrusion, particle and pellet coating, drug layering, matrix tablets)
    • compaction simulation
    • coating and stability studies

    Ongoing research provides a foundation for advanced technical solutions to address formulation and manufacturing challenges. Ashland provides formulators with unique opportunities for research and development collaboration.


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  • oral liquid dosage form

    helping the medicine go down

    Effective drug delivery in liquid form poses some unique challenges with rheology, texture, consistency and stability at the top of the list. Ashland's promise - always solving™ - inspires our goal of willing to work with you to find new sophisticated solutions to advance drug delivery. With our extensive polymer portfolio, R&D capabilities and testing facilities combined with your complex drug molecues, we can yield solutions that both deliver and improve the bioavailability of needed medication.

    Targeted rheology, texture and stabilization in oral-liquid dosage forms play vital roles in delivery of the pharmaceutical components. The water binding and viscosity modification capacities of many of Ashland’s polymers thicken and suspend in liquids, gels, syrups and semi-solid dosage forms for improved patient satisfaction and shelf life of products. 


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  • parenteral dosage form

    solutions that are more than skin deep

    Bioresorbable polymers have been commercialized for more than 50 years, however, until now, no manufacturer has offered a single source of three key excipients used to formulate these revolutionary drug delivery systems that are designed to improve patients’ lives.

    With the addition of Viatel™ bioresorbable polymers, Ashland provides a comprehensive line of products for parenteral, controlled release drug delivery. Complementary excipients include Aqualon™ CMC PH BET sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, a suspending agent for two-component systems; and Pharmasolve™ n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, a versatile solubilizer for one-component systems.

    Parenteral formulations present unique challenges to formulators. Ashland has products that can help address these challenges.


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