Ashland’s digital innovations program

At Ashland, digital innovation is at the core of our R&D strategy. Below you can find information on how we implement digital solutions to enhance our innovation portfolio, collaborate around the world, and engage with our customers:

in silico laboratory

  • molecular modeling and scientific simulations ranging from the chemical reaction quantum scale to the formulation meso-scale
  • these simulations enable cost-effective and efficient workflows that accelerate the innovation pipeline
  • provide insight into the chemical behavior that drives critical-to-function properties

data analytics

  • we develop predictive data models with artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • identify structure-property relationships, optimize chemical processes and predict critical-to-function properties
  • these models allow us to make informed decision as well as perform in silico screening to identify new technologies and opportunities
CR22 innoovation data analytics.jpg

data management

  • efficient data management solutions enable the ability to perform advanced analytics on the breadth of data surrounding our products and technologies
  • we use cloud based and internal data solutions to facilitate collaboration throughout the Ashland R&D community, enabling efficient experimentation
 COR22 innovation data mgmt.jpg

digital culture

  • we encourage adoption of digital technology and awareness for maximum innovation impact
  • we provide seminars and resources to engage with our customers and the entire Ashland community to grow digital innovation
  • proven success rate and several examples enhance the technology pipeline
  • for more information, please contact us about our digital culture innovations 
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