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Health and wellness, along with natural and organic foods and products, are just a few of the growing consumer trends changing the face of today's personal care market. Current market trends, including simplification and the need for multiple benefits in a single product, present new challenges for Ashland's team of solvers. We look at the formulation architecture to create more alluring textures, incorporate UV filters into hair care products, face creams, cosmetics and moisturizers, and harness the power of nature to find new biofunctional ingredients that can help fight the signs of aging and the negative effects of pollution can have on hair and skin. We're researching and acquiring new cutting edge technologies, such as Zeta Fraction, to capture concentrated benefits from plants, sustainably.  Our research and development teams want to work with you on solutions and products that make the world a more beautiful place. With Ashland ingredients inside, health and beauty products can be more effective, easier to use and more convenient for consumers.

Ashland opens new personal care technical center in Hamburg, Germany
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hair care

As a leading global innovative ingredient supplier to the hair care industry, Ashland utilizes a comprehensive approach to provide a total solution for all aspects of hair care products.

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home care

Did you know Ashland is a leading supplier of commercial technologies that solve some of the most complex formulation challenges in laundry, dishwashing and hard surface cleaning applications?

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oral care

Discover innovative ingredients for denture adhesive hold, desirable toothpaste rheology, long-lasting actives delivery and whitening agents for whiter and healthier smiles.

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skin and sun care

The teams at Ashland are ready to help you to keep faces, hands, feet and body clean, healthy and safe from the sun.

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At Ashland’s laboratories, a dedicated team of research scientists are continuously investigating skin biology, evaluating ingredient performance, and developing the next generations of biofunctional ingredients.

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We help you to select the right antimicrobial system for your individual needs in skin, sun and hair care products. explore the range of our antimicrobial offerings.

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