irradiator dosimetry evaluation service

Dose-Map™ blood irradiator dosimetry system

It can be difficult to tell when your irradiator isn't working properly and waiting until your next scheduled maintenance could be too late. Instead of waiting until something is clearly wrong, be proactive and check your irradiator on a regular basis. This could prevent a serious issue that would cause your irradiator to be down for a long period of time and as a result, would bring work flow to a halt. It's a quick and easy procedure that anyone who knows how to operate a blood irradiator can do!

as easy as 1-2-3

1. Irradiate the cassette in the canister in a normal cycle
2. Receive the Dose-Map from Ashland
3. Send the irradiated cassette back to Ashland

Once the irradiated cassette is received by Ashland, Ashland will analyze the film inside the cassette and send you a report. This report will have a dose distribution chart and a color-coded dose contour plot that shows the distribution of absorbed dose in the canister. For more information on the Dose-Map blood irradiator dosimetry system or how to order, contact us.