contract manufacturing

who knows their way around a particle? we do.

Blending. Agglomerating. Spray drying. Chilsonating. Instantizing. Granulating, and more. Pharmachem, a division of Ashland, has a breadth of processing and formulation capabilities to solve your toughest product development challenges. With more than 35 years of expertise, we also offer:

  • custom formulation
  • DTH (drum-to-hopper)
  • packaging of custom food and beverage powders
  • premix and fortification
  • custom processing of USP and value-added vitamins and minerals
  • raw material sourcing

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We support new process development & optimization of ingredients from bench top through commercialization. Whether you are looking to develop a new powder product, or perfect your current one, we have the contract manufacturing capabilities to offer a unique one-stop shop for processing turnkey formulations.


We have finished packaging solutions for powdered product. From standard lidded jars to flexible pouches and innovative stick packs, we have a variety of packaging solutions.

packaging options:

  • stick packs
  • jars with scoops
  • flexible packaging
  • direct to mouth powder systems
  • food and drink powders
  • rigid canisters
  • sachets

quality and certifications

We set our standards high and so do you. That’s why quality and safety are important to us. From ingredient qualification to running on a manufacturing line, we are focused on providing you the quality assurance and certifications you need.

Here is a partial list of certifications available for many of our products.*

  • certified organic
  • NSF
  • NSF Sport
  • cGMP certification
  • kosher and halal certifications are available
  • GFSI available

*Not all products meet all certifications. Please talk to your Ashland sales representative for more information.

exceptional service

Ashland is an all-in-one resource providing everything from comprehensive research and development to specialty ingredients, manufacturing, processing and production services. These integrated capabilities enable us to work with together to fulfill customer needs from bench top to scale-up. Our collaborative approach helps us meet your needs whether it’s by developing a custom formulation, enhancing a product’s performance or creating the desired flavor profile.


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