agricultural adjuvants and inerts

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Ashland offers a range of high performing adjuvants and inerts that help formulators improve the performance of crop protection chemicals and seed treatments. Our products can be used in most every type of formulary, including emulsifiable concentrates, suspended concentrates, oil dispersion, soluble liquids and powders, water dispersible granules and seed coatings. They function as adjuvants, binders, rheology modifiers, film formers, complexing agents, wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers, among other applications.

Our range of products includes Agrimer™ polymers based on pyrrolidone technology, AgsolEx™ 8 and AgsolEx™ 12 super wetters , cellulose ether polymers, and phosphate esters.


Agriculture adjuvants and inerts products are listed below, use the filters to find the products that meet your specific needs.

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Agrimax™ gr 100 polymers are used to raise viscosity in water-based systems and to modify viscosity in spray drift applications. This product is comprised of natural, water-soluble polysaccharides.  Agrimax™ GR 200 polymer, a hydroxypropyl guar, is an easily dispersed cold-water-soluble polysaccharide derivative that provides high viscosity at low concentrations.  Both products can be used in suspended concentrates, suspo-em...

agrimax™ gr polymers

natrosol™ hec Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose is a free-flowing powder which provides rheological control and lubricity properties. It is easily dissolved in cold or hot water, resulting in clear solutions. Natrosol™ hec is soluble in glycerol, but insoluble in many organic solvents. It also has good solubility in hydro-alcohol systems with up to 60 percent alcohol.  klucel™ modified cellulose Klucel™ modified c...

agriculture specialties polymer series

Agrimer™ pa polymer is a linear, low-molecular-weight polyacrylic acid used to aid mineral dispersion. Comprised of 30% solids dispersed, it prevents sedimentation. Agrimer™ pa polymer is best used as a soil conditioner or as a polymeric co-dispersant.     

agrimer™ pa polymers

Agrimer™ VEMA polymers are based on linear alternating polymers (methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride)that can be further modified to adjust polymer’s properties. benefits surface active polymers (nonionic and anionic) forms derivatives that can impart controlled release properties with certain actives polyelectrolytic properties adhesive and cohesive properties forms transparent films suggested applications polymeric co-disper...

agrimer™ vema polymers

Agrimer™ AT polymer is a cross-linked Agrimer™ PVP polymer that absorbs and swells with water or other solvent but is insoluble in aqueous and organic media. Agrimer™ AT polymer has high capillary hydration capacity that provides high efficiency disintegration in tablets and granules. Agrimer™ ATF polymer is a version with a finer particle size. Both products are stable under acidic and alkaline conditions and excellent dr...

agrimer™ AT and ATF crosslinked polymers

Easy-sperse™ polymers are effective dispersants of hydrophobic actives. Easy-sperse™ polymer is based on a copolymer of the monobutyl/ethyl ester of poly (methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid) partially neutralized with sodium hydroxide. The material is an excellent film-former and is supplied as a 25 percent aqueous solution. Easy-sperse™ P-20 polymer is a proprietary polymer blend spray-dried, optimized composite polyvinyl pyrrolido...

easy-sperse™ polymers

Sterin™ insect irradiation indicators are for use with the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). Sterin™ indicators provide positive visual verification that insects have been irradiated to the specified minimum dosage. Ashland possesses more than a quarter century of expertise in irradiation indicators. When attached to containers containing insects, Sterin™  irradiation indicators display whether the insects have been irradiate...

sterin™ insect irradiation indicators

AgsolEx™ 8 water-insoluble surface-active super wetter is ideal for liquid formulations; improves wetting, penetration of active ingredients through the cuticle and inhibits crystal formation. AgsolEx™ 8 and agsolEx™ 12 super wetters have a unique combination of solvency and surface activity. AgsolEx™ 12 super wetter is more hydrophobic and surface active than agsolEx™ 8 super wetter.     

agsolEx™ super wetters


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