pH neutralizer platform

superior additive for very-high-value markets

With a 25 percent increase in pH neutralization efficiency and three times lower volatile organic compounds (VOC) percentage, Ashland’s new pH neutralizer platform is poised to take the pharma, coatings and personal care industries by storm. 

This patent protected, high efficiency / low VOC breakthrough platform offers improved sustainability, 100 percent yield with no waste, all with a ‘tunable’ and easy-to-adjust composition. 
As a superior additive for very high-value markets, the water-soluble breakthrough is completely clear with no yellowing or odor. 

key advantages:

  • patent protected
  • high efficiency
  • low VOC7 for improved sustainability profile
  • innovative process - 100 percent yield5, no catalyst, solvent nor waste
  • high-value additive (pharma, coatings, personal care)
  • easy to adjust composition (tunable)

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