Perluxan™ hops cones extract botanical support for joint health

Keeping active is an important contributor to quality of life and overall health maintenance. People with joint discomfort may be reluctant to engage in physical activity. Lack of physical activity over a long period of time can impact a person’s ability to enjoy life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people affected by joint complaints is expected to rise.

If you are seeking an ingredient for joint support, Perluxan™ extract may be the right solution for your formulation needs. Perluxan™ hops cones extract may help support normal joint function. Our technical team will be happy to discuss further whether Perluxan extract or one of our other products is the best product for you.

key features and benefits

Perluxan™ extract may mitigate the effects of nitric oxide and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2)—some of the compounds that are responsible for inflammation and pain.

  • One in vitro study showed that alpha-acid hops extracts, like Perluxan™ extract, inhibited nitric oxide response in mouse macrophage cells. In another, alpha-acids extracted from hops were effective in inhibiting COX-2 in CACO-2 cells. In the second part of the study, human subjects submitted blood samples for analysis. Perluxan™ extract was shown to be effective at COX-2 inhibition for nine hours.
  • In a separate study, participants reported that Perluxan™ extract had a fast-acting effect on relieving joint discomfort, as compared with a placebo, two hours after the first dose.
  • Perluxan™ extract is gentle on the gut. A study published in Phytochemistry measured the fecal calprotectin content of subjects who had consumed a modified hops extract. This biomarker was used as a surrogate for evaluation of gastrointestinal inflammation. After 14 days, hops extract induced no change in fecal calprotectin, whereas consumption of ibuprofen increased the marker 200%.


  • the active compounds in Perluxan™ extract reduce inflammatory markers in laboratory tests (in vitro and ex vivo)
  • plant-derived alternative to relieve joint discomfort
  • no indication of gastrointestinal irritation
  • fast absorption supported by studies
  • functional ingredient from a food source, not a drug


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