inclusion and diversity

Ashland's purpose is to responsibly solve for a better world. We believe one powerful and necessary way to live that purpose is to proactively strengthen both the diversity of our workforce and the inclusiveness of our culture. 

Ashland’s inclusion and diversity (I&D) vision is to cultivate a diverse, safe, and inclusive environment where every employee is respected, valued, and has an equal opportunity to develop, succeed, and feel heard.

Our I&D mission is to attract, nurture, and sustain a global and inclusive workforce, where our differences drive innovative solutions and business outcomes.

We achieve our vision and mission through five key priorities from which we have built global and local objectives and initiatives to advance our progress: 

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In 2021, Ashland set long-term goals to ensure a sustained focus on building a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Then in 2022, we established a global committee with regional leadership and CEO oversight to drive accountability and focus on the initiatives and efforts that will build momentum across our entire organization towards our 2031 commitment.  

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employee resource groups

Ashland’s employee resource groups (ERGs) are the cornerstone of our Inclusion & Diversity strategy.  The employee-led global teams focus on educating, connecting, and positively impacting our workforce and our communities.  We plan to continue to expand the reach of our existing networks and add additional networks to our team in the coming years as part of our I&D strategy.  

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