novel cellulosics platform

nature-derived, EO-free, multifunctional additive

Ashland is expanding its tool box of cellulose derivatives and applying a similar approach to other biopolymers to bring to market novel ethylene oxide (EO) free, biodegradable polymers with a wide range of applications. All biopolymers are also sourced sustainably.


  • hair care
  • home care
  • oral care
  • skin care

key advantages:

  • EO free and biodegradable technology 
  • tunable and versatile, suitable for various applications
  • sustainable alternative to synthetic technologies for
  • conditioning polymers in hair care
  • rheology modifiers for home and personal care
  • natural film former for hair styling


novel-cellulosics-rheology.jpg   novel-cellulosics-cond-polymers.jpg  novel-cellulosics-stlying-polymers.jpg

hair care

sensorial properties with the natural and biodegradable prototype are as good or better than positive control

novel cellulosics graphic 1.p_s_.jpg

the rheology profile can be adjusted with new natural and biodegradable prototypes



innovations platforms overview video

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