amplifying the efficacy of our customer's products

Here are just a few examples of our solutions that amplify efficacy.


A leading pharmaceutical company was looking to solve the challenge of making the active ingredients in drugs dissolve easier so they can more readily enter the bloodstream and do their job.

The result: a single pill that doubled the exposure of the active ingredient in the body.

Faster results. More effective product performance. Fewer pills or tablets to take. A solution that benefits the Ashland customer, and their customers, too.

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skin Care

Ashland’s Optimage™ SF microgel gives a rapid and significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles enhancing skin’s natural allure.

The product’s soft, flexible, silicone-free microgels do not interfere with other ingredients in a formulation and typically enhance its stability. Optimage™ offers formulators increased usability in a robust solution, using polymeric 2 microgels and a technology that works well across skin types, with demonstrated efficacy both on Asian and Caucasian skin.

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