Lubrajel* BA hydrogel

Chemistry: Cosmetic Chemicals

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Lubrajel BA hydrogel is a novel solution for mouth moisturization that provides a great formulation option for dry mouth. Lubrajel BA hydrogel is a clathrate of glyceryl acrylate and glyceryl polyacrylate that encloses water molecules via hydrogen bonding and Van der Waals forces. Since it binds moisture and is a highly viscous gel, Lubrajel BA hydrogel is an ideal ingredient to provide moisture to the mouth.

Dry mouth is the term used to describe a lack of moisture in the mouth. With an increase in medication use and the aging of the world’s population, a significant rise in dry mouth is expected in the coming years. When formulated in mouth rinses, sprays or gels, Lubrajel BA hydrogel helps provide relief from the feeling of dry mouth.

Oral moisturizing formulations containing Lubrajel BA hydrogel exhibit shear-thinning properties like natural saliva. In addition, based on mucoadhesion studies, Lubrajel BA hydrogel could potentially deliver longer-lasting mouth moisture benefits so that the frequency of reapplication could be reduced.

*Lubrajel is a registered trademark of United-Guardian, Inc.

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