Captivates™ encapsulates

Chemistry: Encapsulates

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With multiple encapsulation technology capabilities, Ashland develops custom encapsulates tailored to meet the needs of your formulation.

Captivates HC encapsulates

Captivates™ HC encapsulates are a series of small particles that contain an active ingredient, or core material, surrounded by a shell produced using a complex coacervation process.  Capsule wall thickness, color, capsule size and core material can be customized.

Captivates HC encapsulates

Captivates™ GL encapsulates are a series of small particles that contain material dispersed in a continuous matrix. These microbeads are made using JettCutter™ technology, which forms a hydrogel matrix that can entrap insoluble powders, oils and water soluble actives.

Prototype Encapsulates Available:

Ashland offers several example capsules as starting points for product developments.  Our encapsulates can be customized based on specific formulation and application needs.

Trade Name



Captivates™ HC 0004 encapsulate

Provides peppermint flavor burst

Silver capsules

Captivates™ HC 5605 encapsulate1

Releases a cooling flavor with hints of gentle warming

Blue capsules


Captivates™ HC 5773 encapsulate

Delivers patent-pending Transatak* technology for malodor suppression

White capsules


Captivates™ HC 5774 encapsulate2

Releases refreshing citrus flavor burst

Yellow capsules

Captivates™ HC 5884 encapsulate3

Adds a refreshing green tea flavor

Green-tea colored capsules

All prototype capsules have typical average particle size of approximately 900 microns.

1. HC 5605 contains Blue 15. Not approved in oral applications in USA, Canada,Japan, Korea and Taiwan
2. HC 5774 encapsulate is not approved for use in oral care applications in Japan and Turkey
3. HC 5884 is not available in Korea and Philippines

*Transatak is registered trademark of Takasago

The chart lists starting point encapsulates for oral care applications.  Products can be customized to meet application requirements.


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