gantrez™ s-97 bf polymer

chemistry: maleic anhydride polymers and copolymers

INCI/chemical name: PVM/MA Copolymer

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a free acid form of methyl vinyl ether and maleic anhydride utilized for its excellent film-forming properties, highly effective chelation and bioadhession in wet environments. These polymers deliver and hold actives in the oral cavity for long lasting efficacy, controls tartar and forms films to reduce flow to dentin tubules. This grade is a powder.

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features and benefits
  • is a bio-adhesive and bio-compatible polymer
  • enables delivery of actives to mucous membranes
  • delivers and retains oral care actives in the mouth for extended periods of time
  • delivers and retains flavors, botanicals, colors, coolants, and other water-insoluble actives in the mouth
  • provides tartar control benefits

  • toothpaste

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sustainability features

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