flexithix™ polymer

chemistry: pvp polymers and vp derivatives

INCI: pvp

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Flexithix™ polymer is a rheology modifier for thickening challenging formulations. Based on polyvinylpyrrolidone, this novel polymer thickens aqueous and anhydrous formulations. As flexithix™ polymer is nonionic, it is compatible with a wide range of ingredients, is effective across a broad pH range (2–13) and has been shown to be stable with numerous solvents. Flexithix™ polymer does not require neutralization; is highly salt tolerant and delivers a desirable texture and feel to a range of personal care formulations.

As Flexithix™ polymer is synergistic with acrylate thickeners, it is a good choice for anhydrous toothpaste formulations. When combined with acrylate thickeners, the thickener combination results in higher viscosity than either thickener alone at the same use levels. The higher toothpaste viscosity is maintained during all manufacturing processing stages and the formulation is less sensitive to processing conditions. The result is an anhydrous toothpaste with improved structure and bead stand-up.

key features and benefits

• provides improved toothpaste structure and bead stand-up with less stringiness

• thickens aqueous, glycol, alcohol, polar ester, and glycerin-based systems

• increases toothpaste thixotropy and elastic behavior

• offers good toothpaste stability, with no syneresis

• improves formula robustness over acrylate thickeners alone

• reduces formulation sensitivity to higher shear/ mixing times during manufacture

• maintains higher toothpaste viscosities during all processing stages does not impact toothpaste foam


• anhydrous toothpaste



sustainability features

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