Ashland sun care

who helps sun protection last? we do.

With trusted sun care technology and expertise, Ashland specializes in water resistance and preservation efficacy to help our customers achieve higher SPF values, pleasant sensory experiences, and additional skin benefit values. Ask about our latest sustainable product launches: phyteq™ raspberry one multifunctional is the perfect choice for difficult to preserve leave-on formulations such as sunscreens and pigmented emulsions; antaron™ soja glyceride is a novel nature-derived, biodegradable water resistance film former and SPF booster with pigment wetting capabilities that delivers color intensity and long wear resistance for sun care and color cosmetics. Ashland solvers continue to address industry challenges by providing sustainable innovative texture creations, formula testing, marketing insights, and advanced science.

sun care product function types

film formers

lamellar gels


rheology modifiers/thickeners

hair care 




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 sun care formulations


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