Optiphen™ GP preservative

Chemistry: Preservatives

INCI: phenoxyethanol (and) propanediol (and) propylene carbonate (and) caprylhydroxamic acid (and) o-cymen-5-ol

Optiphen™ GP preservative is approved for use in most major markets, including China and parts of the EU. It has been tested on delicate Asian skin, which tend to be more sensitive  and it combines no skin irritation and good compatibility in a wide range of personal care products like water facial masks, fragrance free products, transparent formulations, mommy and baby products . Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold, it offers excellent heat stability, works across a wide pH window and is easily solubilized in water. Optiphen GP is readily biodegradable and solves the growing consumer interest in natural and nature-derive ingredients, as it provides a content of 37% natural origin, applying the ISO 16128-2:2017(E) standard.

features and benefits:

  • broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast and mold
  • combining no skin irritation and good compatibility in a wide range of personal care products.
  • effective over pH range 4 to 8
  • readily biodegradable and sustainable

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Hair Care Leave-On
Hair Care Rinse-Off
Skin Care Leave-On
Skin Care Rinse-Off
Wet Wipes

Additional Information:

pH 4 - 8
Regulatory Compliance* Brazil, Canada, China, EU, Japan, Mexico
Technologies without Formaldehyde Donor, without Halogen, without Isothiazolinones, without Paraben
Chemistry Type with Multifunctional Ingredient, with Phenoxyethanol

*For country-specific details, please contact your technical service representative.

sustainability features

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Tough on microbes and kind to skin
Read our recent article with Cosmetic Toiletries, and hear how Ashland is responding to personal care manufacturers face demand for products made using milder, safer and more eco-friendly preservative technologies. Ashland present its effective and mild solution - Optiphen GP