nightessence™ biofunctional

chemistry: Biofunctionals

INCI: Butylene Glycol (and) Water (Aqua) (and) Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract

Ashland has unlocked the secret of our skin at night so you can awaken like Sleeping Beauty from your slumber, with skin re-set for the day ahead. Ashland nightessence™ biofunctional enhances the naturally occurring nocturnal process that helps skin boost molecules such as timezyme and melatonin. Building on the current beauty sleep trend, this new biofunctional is tailored to optimize skin’s nighttime needs. It helps restore it overnight, so skin looks rested, renewed and illuminated by morning.

Nightessence™ biofunctional was eco-consciously designed from field-to-skin. Our premium lavender is grown sustainably, respecting nature in its cultivation and harvesting techniques on the mountain slopes in Provence, France. The flowers are extracted using Ashland’s proprietary Plant Small RNA technology™ (PSR) to offer a novel type of lavender essence to the cosmetic market. 

  • rich in plant small RNAs and 23 phytonutrients such as AHAs and polyphenols
  • eco-consciously designed from field-to-skin
  • inspired by the beauty sleep trend
  • enhances essential nocturnal processes and molecules for a night repair, night detox and cleanse , and night renew
  • clinically tested on night workers

key features and benefits
helps skin boost essential nocturnal molecules associated with night repair, night detox and cleanse, and night renew

  • timezyme the good night enzyme
  • melatonin, the clean sleep molecule
  • nocturnin, moonlighting cleansing enzyme night repair of daily damages
  • limits dark DNA damage (dark sun effect) night detox & cleanse for visible skin renew
  • detox: reduces formation of oxidant species induced by visible light
  • renew: epidermis appears thicker and restored in a 3D model stressed by visible light (data available)
  • cleanse: mRNA quality control & removal by nocturnin overnight skin reset evaluation on Caucasian and Asian skin — visible effect on night workers’ skin
  • a rapid effect in just one night with long term results in 3 and 4 weeks
  • skin looks rested, renewed, illuminated with less dark circles after 28 days of application of a cream containing nightessence™ biofunctional at 1 percent hair night reset
  • nightessence™ biofunctional at 0.5 percent increased, in vitro in hair follicle, melatonin expression described to promote hair anagen phase (in vitro data available)



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sustainability features

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