UltraThix™ P-100 polymer

Chemistry: PVP polymers and copolymers

INCI: Acrylic Acid/VP Crosspolymer

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UltraThix™ P-100 polymer, a lightly cross-linked copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone and acrylic acid, is a multi-benefit, patented rheology modifier that delivers an array of benefits, such as shear-thinning rheological properties with yield value and positive sensory perception.

At a use level of only 1 percent, research shows that it offers emulsion stabilization, reduces tack and improves aesthetics of hydroalcoholic sprays, and enhances skin feel properties. In hair care applications, this patented technology exhibits high humidity curl retention and low tack, along with shear-thinning rheological properties. The polymer also lends a positive sensory perception to hair care formulations.

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