flexithix™ polymer

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

INCI/chemical name: PVP

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Flexithix™ polymer thickener works under extreme conditions. This thickener is capable of providing stability across a wide pH range (2-13). Flexithix rheology modifier is formulator-friendly because it does not require neutralization, is highly salt-tolerant, has little to no odor, provides a pleasant after-feel in formulation, and even works with glycolic acid and salicylic acid. This thickener is very synergistic with acrylates thickeners. When combined with acrylates thickeners in skin care and color cosmetic formulas, Flexithix polymer has the ability to create bouncy and silicone elastomer-like textures.

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features and benefits
  • thickens (aqueous or glycols or alcohol or polar ester)
  • and glycerin based systems
  • synergistic with anionic thickeners
  • doesn’t require neutralization
  • cold-processable
  • works in extreme pH conditions (pH 1-13)
  • effective across a wide solvent polarity

  • skin care; sun care
  • color cosmetics

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