Disintex™ disintegrants

Chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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The Disintex™ disintegrants series – Disintex 75 and 200 disintegrants – provide tablet disintegration.  Disintex disintegrants rapidly absorb water on contact to swell and create internal stress points that will break up tablets.

Home Care Features and Benefits

  • swells with high hydrostatic pressure for rapid tablet break-up
  • provides rapid dispersion of tablets with low residues after rinsing
  • offers low tablet friability

Home Care Applications

  • automatic dishwashing detergent tablets
  • dishwashing water softener tablets
  • laundry tablets
  • household tablets



typical average particle size

Disintex 75 disintegrant


~25- 75 microns

Disintex 200 disintegrant

proprietary blend of PVPP

~150- 200 microns

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