rapifloc™ n-10008 polymer

chemistry: acrylates

INCI/chemical name: Polyacrylamide

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Rapifloc™ n-10008 polymer can be used an effective thickening agent for acidic media, generally in acidic household or industrial cleaners. It provides stable thickening in systems at low pH (1-2), and is effective with phosphoric acid, sulphamic acid, and in general acidic systems. This product should be prediluted with water before the addition of the acid/s. The desired thickening efficiency is determined by the concentration of the solution produced and as such can deliver a stable thickened system.

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features and benefits
  • used as a settling agent for hard surface cleaners
  • excellent flocculation of particulates and oils
  • film-forming polymer with high surface area

  • water clarifying
  • toilet care

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