gantrez™ s-97 hsu solution polymer

chemistry: maleic anhydride polymers and copolymers

INCI/chemical name: PVM/MA Copolymer

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Gantrez™ s polymers have repeating diacid units produced by hydrolysis of an alternating methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride parent copolymer. Available as either a viscous solution or powder, these free acid polymers are water soluble and dry to yield a clear, tacky film. The vicinal dicarboxylic acid functionality makes these polymers useful in a number of applications where dispersing and chelating properties are desirable. Gantrez™ s polymers can also contribute to solution rheology through the addition of salts and bases. 

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features and benefits
  • acts as highly effective chelating agents for iron
  • magnesium
  • zinc and calcium ions
  • enhances hydrophilicity of surfaces
  • promotes long-lasting streak-free surfaces
  • provides anti-fog properties to hard surface cleaners

  • surface care

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