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Captivates™ a encapsulates are made using a unique fragrance encapsulation process that delivers unsurpassed performance in many home care applications. Alternative fragrance encapsulation processes often use melamine/formaldehyde or urea chemistry which possess a number of environmental and health hazards. The captivates A encapsulation process does not use formaldehyde and urea. Captivates A uses an innovative encapsulation chemistry to protect fragrances and deliver long-lasting stability and performance superior to industry benchmarks. 

key features and benefits

  • hold their fragrance through the rigors of the washing and drying process, even enduring the harsh heat and tumble of drying cycles
  • unique technology can deliver superior fragrance encapsulation from either the detergent or softening formats
  • microscopic capsules adhere to the fibers of clothes, providing lasting bursts of fragrance long after washing and drying; movement against clothing breaks capsules, releasing continued bursts of fragrance and freshness
  • can be customized with signature fragrances and properties
  • does not use formaldehyde or isocyanates in process



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