viatel™ ultrapure bioresorbable polymers

chemistry: bioresorbable polymers

chemical name: Poly D,L lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) / Poly D,L lactide (PDLLA)

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Viatel™ Ultrapure high-purity bioresorbable polymers for long-acting injectables and implants offer improved stability and achieve longer, more consistent drug release profiles; they are better suited for sensitive drug compounds in long-acting injectables and implants (LAII).

Removing residual monomer reduces acidic equivalents and results in a more consistent rate of water uptake and degradation kinetics. This means more reproducible performance while also creating a more neutral pH environment. Viatel™ Ultrapure polymers leverage a proprietary purification process that reduces total residual monomer content specifications to below 0.5% with typical batch results of approximately 0.1%. Furthermore, these polymers are pre-filtered during the purification process to ensure exceptional quality.

These low-monomer products are available as GMP grades across the Viatel™ platform and provide formulators greater versatility when solving challenging formulation problems.

Viatel™ Ultrapure polymers are the result of Ashland’s commitment to continuous improvement in response to customer needs.

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features and benefits
  • lowered residual monomer content: ≤ 0.5% total, typical batch results of 0.1%
  • reduced tin content (catalyst) is available upon request
  • pre-filtered polymer to remove the risk of impurities or foreign particles
  • reduced acidity leading to improved stability of sensitive drug compounds
  • improved release consistency across all applications due to fewer variables
  • extended-release with hot melt
  • extrusion applications
  • faster solubilization in organic solvents

  • parenteral/injectable controlled release
  • modified release
  • lyophilization
  • long-acting injection (LAI)

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Asia Pacific / China / Europe Middle East & Africa / Latin America / North America

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additional content coming soon

bioresorbable polymers 
A scalable technology platform with multiple applications, bioresorbable polymers serve as a vital component to long-acting injectables and provide a controlled release matrix to address chronic disease, patient compliance, and animal health. 
For advanced drug delivery, bioresorbable polymers serve as a carrier that improves the delivery of mRNA to cells, and when it comes to medical devices and regenerative medicine, bioresorbable polymers function as degradable devices and fillers for a wider range of dermal fillers, sutures, screws vital to surgical procedures in every market of the world. 
The platform can best be seen by visiting Ashland’s newly launched viatel™ ultrapure bioresorbable polymers. 
Ashland has made a major capacity investment for bioresorbable polymers.  


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sustainability features

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