controlled release

achieve better drug outcomes with our modified-release solutions

Ashland offers sophisticated solutions to address a wide variety of controlled release delivery methods.  The team of passionate, tenacious solvers at Ashland can deliver controlled release solutions that can improve the efficacy of your drug molecules.  Delivering the drug when and where it’s needed may simplify the dosing regimen of your end use product, which can in turn help medical professionals encourage patient compliance. 

As a global leader in providing cellulose derivatives to the pharmaceutical industry, Ashland helps take the guesswork out of controlled release solutions. Our extensive product lines offer various degrees of both hydrophilicity and molecular weights, providing you with a host of options.   The combination of our comprehensive product line, along with our passion and dedication to deliver solutions, results in the option to offer tailored release profiles that are designed to meet the needs of our customers’ drug molecules.

CRWizard™ is another tool in the Ashland solution toolbox. Over the years, Ashland has developed an extensive data set that can be used to predict some possible starting formulations for a given active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). CRWizard guides Ashland solvers to develop customized formulations based on the desired release profile for different APIs.   


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